Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wendell Holmes

Ever since finding out we have two buns in the oven, I've been itching to start some baby knitting. But I don't have any blanket-quantity yarns stashed in gender-neutral colors, and until Keith starts his new job the yarn budget is non-existent. Soooo .... today I cast on a shawl. I really like Corinna Ferguson's patterns. Knitting her shawls feels different and refreshing. (I knit her Poe for Malabrigo March.)

I bought the yarn on our honeymoon in Nova Scotia, and it has since been waiting for the perfect pattern. I worry a bit that the single-ply yarn won't get along with the texture, but we'll see!

In between books right now so I am catching up on Dappled Things.

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  1. Twins! What a surprise! There's nothing better than knitting for a baby though--everything is so much tinier and knits up so quickly!

  2. lovely shawl!! I remember that trip and glad that you are now finally knitting with that delicious yarn!