Thursday, May 29, 2014

Six Months and Change

The twins had their six month appointment yesterday. Gregory has been slowly catching up to Dominic in size. First he was two pounds lighter; then one; and now he weighs six ounces more! What a chunk. (He is 14 lb 11 oz; Dominic is 14 lb 5 oz.) In fact, Gregory is in the 4th percentile. I believe that's the highest any of my children have ever gotten!

I've been thinking (stressing) about sleep a lot these days, specifically daytime sleep. Then at some point I realized that while yes, naps are pretty bad still ... nighttime has gotten a lot better from a month ago. So I thought that it would be a good idea to do a sort of "update" here once a month so that, on days I want to run away screaming down the road, I can look back and see that things are slowly but surely getting better.

So ... sleep. Sorry if I've already blogged about anything below ... feel free to skip. I won't be offended. ;)

Dominic: Goes to bed at 7:30. For a while he was sleeping until 4-5 am in his crib. Now he seems to be developing an 11 pm wake up; after that he will go from 2-6 am. He wakes up at the crack of dawn and Keith gets up with him. I did some "nap training" with him three weeks ago and it worked great. But then, just as I breathed a sigh of relief, he decided 20 minute naps were all he needed. Sigh. So, he will go down for 30-45 minutes twice in the morning/afternoon; I let him cry or fuss for ten minutes after he wakes up and sometimes he will fall back asleep again, usually in the late afternoon. It's all very hit or miss right now.

I predict that he'll be one of those teens who stays up all night then falls asleep wherever.

Gregory: he now goes to sleep in our bed BY HIMSELF hallelujah! Either I nurse him to sleep or Keith puts him down; he gets his stuffed dog to keep him company. Occasionally he wakes up once or twice and Keith coaxes him back down. I think we're going to try him in the crib at night soon. Naptime ... sometimes he sleeps in the swing or his bouncy chair for as long as half an hour ...? But that's it. And he is the sleepiest, whiniest, saddest baby because of it. We have a prescription for baby Zantac now; once he's on it I am going to start instituting naptime.

I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to stick both the boys in their cribs for naps or try to train them separately so that Gregory doesn't bother Dominic, who is more likely to sleep. Any thoughts from mothers of multiples on this would be great. :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Seven Quick Takes (20) and One Hot Mess (1)

1. I went to a bachelorette party yesterday. I didn't bring any babies. I wore a DRESS. And I stayed out until past 11! It was amazing. And it was one of the best bachelorette parties I've been too, planned with a lot of love and creativity by the bride's friends. Among other things, we all toasted her with whiskey in teacups. A few minutes later I looked down and, oh--my teacup was full of Jameson again. Huh. So I got to work on that. And then a bit later when I went to take the last sip ... it was full again. Apparently the waiter was going around refilling teacups with the bottle! I'm pretty sure that's the most whiskey I've ever drunk in one sitting ... which to be honest isn't saying all that much. ;) But it was a fun night out, whiskey included!

2. Michael has started biting his brothers. Specifically Dominic. I mean, the babies do have very pudgy legs that just look so nom-able, I agree. But leaving teeth marks on your brother's thigh is just not acceptable. We're working on it.

3. Our backyard looks like a wild meadow. Keith finally broke down and ordered a lawnmower from Amazon Prime (because that's how we roll), an electric lawnmower no less. He's kind of a nonconformist. :-P But he hasn't had time to do the whole thing. So, our front yard is mowed (but getting long again), plus it has a big muddy patch with grass seed sprouting here and there (because the rain washed away the rest), and then the backyard is this overgrown field with a few mown paths in it.

About a week ago Keith was talking to a neighbor about the previous owner of this house, and our neighbor said something like "Yeah, she let the landscaping get away from her." I'm not sure what that means they think about us.

4. I've been complaining to Keith that we have too many toys and should do a purge. He disagreed and said it was just a matter of organization. Well, I am glad to say he was right! I ordered some baskets that were on sale from the Land of Nod and reorganized everything, and it is so much better. I'm also hoping it will make it easier to teach Michael to clean up, since each basket has a "category" of toys (cars, stuffed animals, etc).

5. I also ordered some fabric for a few projects in the twin's room. I'm thinking some cloth bins, but I'm not sure what else ... maybe a pouf similar to Michael's?

6. I belong to a Facebook group for attachment parenting twins. I am not an "attachment parenting" parent by a long shot, but the group is helpful for questions about nursing and so on. This morning someone posted a story about a twin homebirth and it reminded me that I wanted to post some thoughts about birth sometime soon. Isn't that exciting?

7. Also I started writing a "day in the life" post three weeks ago and haven't finished it yet. So much changes in three weeks with babies, so I've contemplated abandoning it ... but ... I put a lot of work into it, dang it! If I can't get it up by next week I'll abandon it and maybe start a new one. :)

8. Bonus take. I had to share this picture for Blythe's One Hot Mess link-up. This is a week's worth of boxes for our household, obstructing the path into the kitchen. I honestly have no idea why they haven't been collapsed yet. I guess we've been too busy (ahem). Yes, that pile is taller than the counter. Yes, we shop on Amazon Prime kind of a lot.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Little bit of knitting, little bit of reading

We are trucking along over here. When the weather is nice I bring Michael out on the deck, with the babies in their bouncing chairs, and I can knit a little that way. Also Dominic naps now, sometimes. So a row here, a row there, and I am almost done my Color Affection! I have finished all the stripes and just have the purple border to complete.

This is my second issue of Soul Gardening. I didn't read the first cover to cover--it came right after the babies were born and I just didn't have the time--but this issue is proving to be exactly what I needed right now. I also finished a book I'm reviewing this weekend, which means I now have time to really get started with The Little Oratory.

And if you will pardon me, Dominic is pretty mad that I am typing this and not paying him attention. ;)

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Friday, May 9, 2014

SOTG and other bookish goodness (SQT 19)

1. I finished Something Other Than God 2.5 days after starting it. Considering I have three mouths to feed, three butts to diaper, three sets of voices to respond to when they cry out ... that's a dang fast read. I couldn't stop turning the pages! My copy is now in the hands the first friend I saw after finishing it; I imagine it will visit a few other people before finding its true home on my shelf. (Or maybe its true home is in the hands of people. :) )

2. Why isn't one of the categories in the release contest "Best Picture of the Book with Babies?" Because I would totally win that one, right?

3.The parts of the book that touched me the most were Jennifer's struggles with the idea that God would allow the suffering and death of children. There is a scene where she is walking through a cemetery she's visited her whole life and realizes, for the first time, how many of the graves belong to young ones; how families would lose four of their children in one year. I think it would speak to any mother, but it touched me especially because a family we know just lost their own little one, the age of our own Michael. Please pray for their family!

4. It was an awesome mail day today. The Desolation of Smaug came from Netflix. I have low expectations for many reasons but ... I'm still excited. Because Bilbo! And Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug!

5. Also we got a haul of used children's books that Keith ordered a week or two ago, including Rikki Tikki Tavi.

6. Last but certainly not least, I got an advanced review copy of a book soon to be released by Wiseblood Books. I am so excited to start reading it!

7. I've been nap training Dominic this week and it's been going really well ... except today. He woke up shortly into my time typing this post and he was screaming rather than his usual fussing (and of course keeping Michael awake ... grrr). Nothing I do will mollify him. So ... I might not be cracking open that new book until tomorrow. Sigh.