Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An endless edge ...

I have been really bad about responding to blog comments lately so I just want to say THANK YOU to all those who commented last week with protein suggestions. I've been getting a little better with my eating habits during the day. It does make a difference. That and (yes) coffee. Seriously, the other day I had all this energy and patience and was thanking God for the grace and then I realized it was also the caffeine (just an 8oz cup) ... I think that caffeine and grace are not always mutually exclusive. ;)

Thank you also to those who commented on my "Process" post about my anxieties over the twins' birth ... now that the initial shock is over, I am back to living my daily life in such a way that those worries aren't as present. Your comments were so very helpful and supportive ... thank you again.

(Speaking of the twins ... the night before last Keith was able to feel one of them kick from the outside! So exciting!)

It is so frustrating right now to not be able to knit for these babies yet! We are on a tightish budget right now until Keith starts his job next month, so no yarn money. Instead I've been tackling some shawls that I've been meaning to knit with special skeins in my stash. Right now I'm working on Rock Island in Tosh Lace. The color is Tart.

Please pardon the clutter in the background!

I think that has to be one of the best colors ever, and most aptly named.

This shawl starts with the edging. 71 repeats of the edging. I've been knitting since Saturday and am on repeat 41. Ugh. I've finally memorized the pattern and that helps a LOT, but it didn't happen until around repeat #30, and knitting those eight short rows over and over from a chart was so tedious. I'm hoping to finish by tomorrow, though.

I'll probably finish the book tomorrow, also. And then it's time for a break from the world of Westeros.

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  1. I have a precious skein of tart! I can't wait to see yours knit up. Hopefully you will have some wiggle room in your knitting budget in a month, then look out world!

  2. Oh I think I've seen that "tart" in person. It is gorgeous! Hope you continue to make progress on your shawl! And I hope that some baby yarn finds it way to you soon!

  3. If you have more lace yarn, you might be able to double it up for a baby sweater. I've used fingering weight (sock yarn) for baby things, too.

  4. Oh, love your lacy project and the colour is gorgeous and perfectly named!

  5. Like you, I've started to knit this shawl. I'm only on my 7th repeat on the edging though, and I haven't memorized the pattern yet - hope it happens some time soon!
    I'm excited to follow your progress.

  6. When do you get to find out the twins' genders? It must be soon, right? I am so excited to know!