Friday, June 27, 2014

Stitch Fix!

One of my goals for this year is to build a new wardrobe--one that is suited to what my days are actually like and to the body I actually have.

I haven't really bought anything new for myself since before I was married. Which means that a lot of my stuff was just getting too old. Then there were some things I never wore because I didn't like them any more; other things simply will never fit again. (Or may fit if I have a decent stretch of time between nursing and being pregnant. But I decided that unless I really love something in this category ... there's not much point in me keeping it.)

In other words, while I had a lot of clothes, I didn't have many things I could actually wear, and after the twins' birth things had really reached a "last straw" point. (Two shirts, one pair of pants that wasn't yoga pants, and two skirts, only one of which was suitable for Mass. Yikes. Summer clothes were slightly better)

After reading about it on Haley's blog, I decided to try out Stitch Fix. And I love it. Love it. It was so much fun to see what was waiting for me in the box! I would keep everything, but I don't have that kind of money. So! While I do NOT have the skills of a fashion blogger, I am sharing these photos with you. Please opine away and help me decide. :) 

This dress. It is already in my closet. I have already worn it out. It is my favorite. Definitely keeping! :)

This cardigan ... now that I see it in a picture, it's not so bad. But I don't think it's quite my style ...? Pretty sure I'll be sending it back. 

The jeans: they fit perfectly and are super-comfortable and flattering, except maybe the length. I'm going to send them back because I'm not into the ripped and frayed stuff. But I've made a note of the brand and size and could even buy the exact same jeans if I wanted to, minus the rips. (And possibly even for a cheaper price!)

The top: I could probably have snuck a cardigan out of the closet without waking Gregory, which is how I would wear this, but I wanted to show the shape of this. I like this top, and so does Keith. But I worry if maybe it isn't the best for my body shape? What do you think? (Also it is preeetty tight up top--I don't know if you can tell from the photo. But I figure that's only temporary, since I'm nursing twins. But maybe that's not the right way to think about it?)

Back view. (Sorry for the bra strap ... keeping it classy.)

My other reservation for buying this shirt is that I would also like to buy this dress, but it's pretty expensive, and I don't know how I feel about buying both.

I love this dress. It's the first time I've liked a maxi. I like the shape of the neckline, and the way this dress feels to wear--very feminine and flowy. It is stylish but comfy.

But, as I mentioned, it's kind of expensive. And it's six inches too long, at least. You can see how it trails on the ground! (This is part of why I don't own any maxi dresses!) I could get it hemmed I guess, but that's still a count against it. Finally, Keith is not a big fan because he doesn't like floor-length dresses.

What do you think? Should I go for the expensive dress or the not-so-expensive shirt? Price matters but I don't want it to be the only factor. Which looks better? (Or should I send them both back...?)


  1. It's hard to really see the cardigan, since you only gave a side-view, but I have a few cardigans in that loose open style, and I LOVE them. They are so versatile. Go over anything, help with discreet nursing, provide a needed bit of warmth in air-conditioned buildings without covering up too much of a pretty outfit...

    I gotta be honest, I don't like the pink tank top. I think the print is girl-ish. Like, *little* girl. And it makes you look more pear-shaped than you really are. Maybe it would look better with a cardigan over, as you mention.

    The maxi is nice, but is it worth the high cost *plus* the cost of hemming, especially when your husband isn't really a fan? I find that the garments of mine that Tom doesn't like often have a short lifespan in my closet. I mean, he's the main person I try to look nice for anyways, right? What if you got it *really* hemmed? To the point where it's not even a maxi anymore. A good compromise: you'd get the cool neckline and flowy shape you like, Keith would appreciate the shorter hemline?

    1. I'm with Christine - I feel like you'd get a ton of use out of the cardigan, and I don't think the others work. I like the tank top in theory, and the back detail is really fun, but the shape isn't right. And I'm sure you can find a cheaper maxi dress that isn't too long! Just don't rule out the junior's section, their stuff is always shorter :)

  2. Love the blue striped dress.

    Cardigan, can't really tell but it would almost certainly get a lot of use. It would be nice if it weren't white, but I guess it does go with just about anything that way. White is 1) hard to wear when you look tired and 2) hard to conceal stains.

    Jeans: I'll take your word that they fit great, as the most important areas for fit aren't visible in the photo. That alone might be reason enough to get them because jeans shopping is such a pain! I like the way you cuffed them. Looks cute.

    The pink top is cute. If it has to have a cardigan though, would you really wear it all that much? Also, is it knit or would it need to be ironed?

    I really don't like the maxi. At least in the photo, the bold stripes and massive flowiness of the whole thing sort of swallow you up. If you did hem it, I like Christine's idea to make it more of a sundress.

  3. I agree about the maxi dress - I think it looks excellent, but with it being expensive and having to hem it (which is either time on your part or the cost to pay someone else to do it). You could probably find a maxi dress that you like just as much somewhere else and get it hemmed for cheaper... you know?

    I like the pink top, but Christine is right that it does make you look pear shaped when really, I don't think you are at all! I'd try it on with multiple different pants or skirts and cardigans to be sure you REALLY like it before decided.

    I love the jeans on you, if they didn't have the ripped/frayed look. I'd definitely be on the hunt for those. ;)

    And yes - that first dress? KEEP IT. It looks awesome on you.

  4. I really like both of the dresses. I think the maxi dress would look really great on you once its properly hemmed. And it looks so comfy, yet instantly put together!

  5. I LOVE the blue striped dress on you, but I'm also not crazy about the top or the maxi dress. As was said above, the top just seems a little too little-girly. And I think the pattern of that maxi dress is a little odd. Those horizontal stripes between the diagonal ones are really throwing me off. I'd love to see you in a similarly-cut dress, in a different pattern. Those are my two cents! Good for you for working on building up a wardrobe!

  6. Also, I have to tell you that my first impression upon seeing the first photo was, "Wow! She looks amazing! No way she has infant twins!"

  7. Brutally honest: I think the maxi kind of makes you look like a little kid trying on mom's dresses. It isn't just the length (although that adds to the effect). The dress is wearing you instead of vice versa. Mary's description of it as "swallowing" you is exactly the way I feel.

    What's the washing instructions like for the cardigan? Can you bleach it? I love the cut.

  8. Striped dress & cardi
    Send the rest back - the pink shirt doesn't flatter you as much as it should.
    Buy 2x of those jeans instead ;-)