Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yarn Along--Malabrigo March

I know I'm a day late for the yarn along, but I want to link up anyway. I've been knitting this

for Malabrigo March. The color is Lotus, and it's a bit less purpley than in the picture. I might be able to finish it by the weekend. The book is Greenstone. Keith gave it to me for Valentine's Day; it has a slow, rolling pace which I am enjoying. It's set in New Zealand and has a different flavor than anything I've read before.

Meanwhile these mittens are patiently waiting for me to finish with the shawl so I can give them their thumbs. Since I already knit a pair for myself with these exact same colors (which the camera doesn't capture very well), I am probably going to give them away. Which will make me a little sad. So they need to go to someone who will really appreciate them. ;)

Also I've been knitting hexipuffs. So far I have 78. They are about to outgrow their home; I'm not sure where I'm going to keep them!


  1. Replies
    1. Hexipuffs are stuffed little hexagons, and when you knit enough of them you stitch them together to make a knitted quilt. :) Good for leftover scraps of yarn.

  2. Oh man,'ve done two pairs of mittens plus who knows what else. I'm only halfway done with one mitten :-( (I would have done Yarnalong, but wasn't going online yesterday, and too much going on today..)

  3. i so tried to love making hexipuffs.....just didn't happen for me, and i'm back doing grannies and mitered squares! love the finished look, though---you are well on your way!

    1. I love hexipuffs because they are mindless knitting. :) I am slow, though--it's taken me at least a year and a half to get 80, so it's a very long term project!

  4. give the mitts some thumbs! they are beautiful :) Love the malabrigo shawl as well :)