Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Moment for Blogging

I received an early Mother's Day gift today. From Michael. ;)

Those who know me may know that I have a bad reputation when it comes to keeping Kindles intact. But someone still believes in me. :) 

It's a Kindle Touch, which is different from what I've had before, and I've had fun this evening learning how to use it. (Amazon has a lending library for Kindles now! Yay!) It's very easy to use one-handed, which is great for nursing sessions. 

I'm hoping to get back into blogging soon. Slowly but surely I am finding a new rhythm for my days--not necessarily a very regular one, but I've managed to stay on top of laundry and the dishes most days, and today I even started winding a skein of yarn for a new shawl, and wrote a letter to my cousin. Michael likes to sleep almost exclusively on me, which makes getting things done very difficult! (And sleeping. It complicates sleeping, a lot.) In many ways, it is hard to believe he's been with us for only three and a half weeks ... it's getting harder and harder to remember what life was like without him. 

And that, I imagine, is how it should be.