Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rosemary-Kindle Fail

So, the Kindle that my future father-in-law gave me for Christmas?

I was folding laundry and I stepped on it.

And now it looks like this.

This is something only I could end up doing. >_<

Going to see about getting it replaced this week.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blogging Break! (of dresses and cracked kindles)

I need to get away from this mountain of essays for a while, so here I am.

I'm halfway done the second stole. It's knitting up much more quickly than the first, mostly because the pattern uses size 7 needles. But each row takes forever. This particular pattern is knit lengthwise, which means I have 278 stitches on my needle. Hence the bunching. (It was supposed to be 289 stitches, but apparently I can't count and ended up with 274. I was sneaky and added a few more on in the third row so the number would be right for the pattern.)

I also finished the cover for Keith's Kindle, though the only picture I have of it is on the needles. (You can see the flat spot on the left side where I forgot a cable ... whoops.)

Of course, I managed to break my own Kindle after owning it less than a month. By falling on top of it. While folding laundry. I'm assuming I'll find this amusing later in life, but right now I'm pretty upset, since it was a Christmas gift from Keith's dad.

In a happier vein, my cousin has ordered her bridesmaid dress for my wedding, and I am now in possession of my bridesmaid dress for her wedding. (She is beating my by a month and a half, the stinker!) I brought along a hank of yarn from that I ordered from Knit Picks as a potential for my own bridal shawl, to see if it matched the dresses. Nope--too green. I'm thinking it will be easiest to go with white.

Although I am in love with Sweet Georgia's Cashsilk Lace in Riptide, and it looks closer to the right color.

I don't mind at all splurging on yarn for my wedding, but I can't spend money on skein after skein just to to see if it's the right color. Even though I wouldn't mind owning all of said yarn ...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Opinions please?

Not to post three times in a row about knitting, buuuut ...

As I debate which pattern to cast on for the next bridesmaid stole, I'm also starting to think of a wedding shawl for myself, most likely NOT to be worn during the ceremony, but afterward, at the reception and perhaps for pictures.

On the one hand, I love the idea of it being white: the symbolism behind it, and the loveliness of the look of it.

But. I also think having a color could be fun. A teal to echo the bridesmaids, or a shade of purple to (theoretically) echo my bouquet. Of course, my shoes are already teal--a fact that makes me immensely happy--so perhaps that is enough "fun." And yet teal and purple are both colors that are dear to my heart ... (The notion of the shawl being "something blue" has also crossed my mind, but I don't think I'm leaning in that direction.)


Monday, January 17, 2011

almost done ... bridesmaid stole #1: "seascape"

The next batch of Rowan Kidsilke Haze arrived a few days ago, so I can start the next bridesmaid stole soon. Depending on whether I decide to try out a different pattern (as opposed to having all the stoles be the same), I need to buy a new pair of needles first. In the meantime I've been knitting a cover for Keith's Kindle to take a break from all the lace. (He carries it around everywhere in his coat pocket.)

I've been waiting for a sunny day to take pictures, and it appears that the angle of light through the window was too sunny and a bit blinding; but there are pictures nonetheless.

This pattern is called "Seascape," and it's fairly easy once you get into the flow of it, although repeating the same chart seven times for the middle got a little boring. (This is why I'm contemplating switching things up a bit for the next stole and trying a different pattern, such as Dancing Cranes.) The picture above gives some sense of the size. (And of the general state of our living room: my books and papers all over the place.)

You can see that it's sort of lumpy and rumpled looking, as opposed to smooth and fluid. That's because I haven't blocked it yet. This will involve soaking the stole until it's good and thoroughly wet, carefully rolling and squeezing in a towel to remove the excess water, then pinning it out and letting it dry. It opens up the lacy openings in the fabric that make up the pattern--which means that it will get a little longer and wider in the process--and will make it look less ... well, "homemade," and more like this. (Except I'm also afraid it will make my mistakes more obvious. But practice really does make perfect: most of my mistakes are in the first half of the stole.)

I'm debating whether or not I should wait to block it so that I can use the unblocked size as reference to make sure any other pattern I choose to knit matches up. But I also want to make sure I'm happy with the blocked size ... and just see what it looks like.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Shortly after Keith proposed, I decided what I wanted to give my bridesmaids. Lace shawls, handknit, by me.

This is because, since knitting Keith a hat for his birthday, I have become a knitting enthusiast; and I had just started knitting a lace shawl for myself, after spending hours drooling over patterns on Ravelry.

It is quite possible I will regret this decision as July draws nearer, but for now I am quite happy with it: I just finished the first one.

Even though classes started last Wednesday, I've been knitting away the past few days, pushing forward to the end. (Something I can still get away with it since it's so early in the semester.) Now it's bound off the needles, and the last knot is tied, and all that's left is the blocking process to open up the pattern.

Pictures shall come as soon as I get a little bit of sun to take them in.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Why 2011 will be wonderful.

It started with margaritas and taquitos in my parents' living room, with the Christmas tree glowing and all the family--including Keith and his dad, of course.

Granted, planning a wedding could get stressful, but only if I let it. And turning in a manuscript at the end of the year ... well, that is best thought of in increments, best approached by writing day to day, yes?

This year, I am:

-getting married
-honeymooning in Novia Scotia
-moving in to our place with my beloved
-only taking two courses per semester
-knitting, knitting, knitting
-finishing something resembling a manuscript (stress, but this is a good thing after all)
-attending the weddings of some much loved people

How could it not be good?

Welcome to 2011.