Wednesday, March 29, 2017

To All Friends and Faithful Readers

Whoever and wherever ye may be!

There are a few reasons I haven't been blogging.

Last year was a pretty intense one. A lot of stuff happened that I didn't feel I could write about here.

And then I got pregnant and exhausted and we're expecting Baby Girl (!!!) Callenberg in a little over a month.

When you have that sort of lag in posting it makes you question whether you should post at all, or start over, or just move on.

To be honest I'm not sure if/when I will return to blogging in this space (especially since Ginny's no longer hosting the yarn along).

But I do have something new in the works for sometime after baby, and it's both exciting and not a little bit intimidating, which makes me think it's precisely the direction I should be heading in. When that adventure is ready to share, I will post the link here.

In the meantime ... I still read your blogs even if I don't comment much, and if you read this, I send you my love and prayers.

Happy Lent!