Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Honeymoon shawl + baby tricks

I really enjoyed knitting this shawl with my honeymoon yarn. It is a great pattern; the border flew by for me because it had long repeats, but they weren't too difficult to memorize (although I did always have the pattern handy to double check). Right now I'm working the crochet bind off, so I will probably finish it tonight.

That monster of a book is moving quickly enough, too. (I should have taken a picture from the side so you could see how thick it is ... almost 1000 pages. Yikes.) I realized that season 3 of Game of Thrones actually ends somewhere in the middle of book three, so in another 200 pages or so I should hit new material. (Although I admit, I've looked ahead a bit for one or two characters' timelines. For shame.)

Today was my last appointment with the midwives. They don't deliver twins, so I have to find a new doctor. :( But we got to hear both heartbeats today, and Baby A kicked the doppler a few times. (S/he is the one I always feel moving. Very seldom Baby B.)

Someone has learned a new trick. He likes to do this and throw all his stuffed animals out of the crib, then cry because his monkey is on the floor.

Energy levels are up and down with me lately ... and I need to find ways to eat better during the day. I find that I am already having trouble eating a full meal (at 16 weeks!!) but I get HUNGRY. Please share your suggestions for eating protein that don't involve lunchmeat/tuna/dairy (as I get enough cheese and yogurt already--probably too much!)--pretty please? :) I'm eating for three over here! 

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  1. What about beans tofu or nut butters?? You knit that shawl fast!! My son used to throw his pacifiers out and scream bloody murder :)

  2. I assume you mean quick snack type things. (For me, a snack for me has to be quick, or else it probably won't happen!)

    Hard boiled eggs.
    Hummus (and other bean spreads).
    Leftovers--plan to have them if you can, especially if you're making something that is good cold. Then you can just grab a cold hunk of chicken or BBQ pork out of the fridge and chow down.

  3. I second the hummus. Maybe you could have some prepared chicken salad handy in the fridge? Refried beans, peanut butter...

    Also, I know this sounds totally weird, but I've been eating these recently and they're good: (make sure to add vanilla and cinnamon!)

    What about nutella? It has hazelnuts in there, and milk...there's gotta be some protein! haha

  4. I was going to say hard boiled eggs, too. Apples with peanut butter. If you like cold cereal, Kashi brand adds protein. Waffles, Dutch babies, and French toast have eggs, but are good for when you're inevitably sick of eggs. Oatmeal with nuts. Quinoa has some protein, also spelt. This came up at La Leche last time!

    Michael is such a cutie! Can't wait to see him in July.

  5. Ha, sounds like Claire!!

    I occasionally buy pre-cooked and sliced chicken breast at Trader Joe's and have it on salad for lunch. I know it's more expensive but I also know I'm not about to go through the effort of cooking/slicing it myself!

  6. Storm of Swords is THE best book. So many OMG moments!

  7. Nuts will help you considerably. Almonds will provide you with energy that's long lasting, and peanuts will give you protein. Just a handful or so of those a day is one serving and they're strangely filling.