Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Garter problems ...

Still working on Rock Island. I finally finished the edge and picked up stitches for the body, which started out as a few rows of plain garter stitch. Then there was a lace chart which I zipped through, and now it's garter stitch from here on out. 

Apparently I have problems with garter stitch.

I think it's because this is a bottom-up shawl and so there are a TON of stitches, and without a lace pattern to automatically let me know if my stitch count is off ... well, I'm not going to count 200+ stitches every two rows just to make sure I'm on track.

Somehow, in the ten rows before the lace pattern, my center stitch migrated by two or three stitches (not insignificant) and I came up a stitch short overall. Ugh. Eight or so rows into the body I realized I'd forgotten decreases at least once, maybe twice, and had started decreasing on the wrong side row instead of the right side.


Things seem to be back on track now. I did some finagling, because no way am I ripping out miles of garter stitch in laceweight.

So far I've only read the introduction of The Year and Our Children and flipped through the rest of the book, but I'm excited. The traditions and celebrations in this book are so tied up with the liturgy and liturgical prayer, thoroughly grounded in the life of the Church. I can't wait to read this and begin some of our own traditions as our little family grows.

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  1. how can garter stitch that is so simple be the end for us seasoned knitters?? Glad you got the project back on track. It's lovely!

  2. Hats off to you for perservering. I'm glad you avoiding undoing too much. It looks beautiful and I'm sure it will be worth all the garter stitch in the end.

  3. I have to put a marker in at certain points (like every 20 stitches) because I HATE being off-count. This makes it faster to check and you start to "feel" what 20 sts is like and you can almost sense when you've made a mistake.