Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The End of January

Time to check in for my January goals! Originally I wanted to include pictures, but alas, I am camera-less during the day (which is also why I haven't been participating in the yarn along), so.

The list:

Hang up all of our pictures, artwork, etc.

This almost happened. I have one picture that I intend to hang up today. The goal itself was kind of vague; I can't remember now whether it included putting photos in picture frames and hanging those, but I know it included getting a poster framed that didn't.

Finish Keith's second sock.

Yes! Still some ends to weave in, but I'm counting this goal as met.

Cast on Nicole's shawl.


Buy yarn for a baby blanket.

Yes! This is one lucky kiddo--he is getting a Madeline Tosh blanket. :) The colorway is Mica, the yarn is Tosh DK. I think I need to get another skein; I won't complain about that.

Finish the last short story of my manuscript.

Yes. It was a long and painful process, but yes. My manuscript is now in the hands (or mailboxes) of all my committee members; I will probably be meeting with one of them this week to discuss the first batch of stories I sent her.

Revise a short story.


Register for classes--baptism, birthing, and possibly breastfeeding.

No. But I think we've decided to look into having a priest we know do the baptism, which means we won't have to register for a class. I've decided not to take a breastfeeding class, because 1) I just have too much on my plate as it is, and 2) someone gave me a book about nursing that seems to be pretty thorough and helpful. If I end up needing some sort of help or guidance, there is a breastfeeding center within walking distance of our apartment which I plan to take advantage of. (I'll probably even stop by there sometime within the next month or two.)

As for birth classes and hospital tours and such, this week I hope to sit down with Keith and the schedule and figure out what works with both of our schedules.

Write letters to my cousins at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery.

Done and mailed.

Set a date for a knitting party.

Yes! It's "Facebook official."

February goals to come soon!


  1. I don't know where you're planning to give birth but you might want to call and find out if they have a lactation consultant on staff and ask if there's anything you need to do to make sure she comes by to see you after the birth. For one thing, generally that's free/included, and if there are any correctable physical issues (like tongue tie), the lactation consultant can identify them right away and save you some heartache. Plus no class or book is as useful as having someone there with you when you have your actual baby trying to eat.


  2. They do have a lactation consultant, but I know that you can have a really great consultant or a really crappy one. (A friend of mine had the latter when she gave birth to her first.) So here's hoping whoever's on duty that day knows their stuff. :)