Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Goals

New month, new goals. I still have to cast on my friend's shawl and register for a class/tour at the hospital, but I'm hoping to get those things done pretty soon.

Crafty goals:

  • Knit Baby C's blanket. (On the 12th repeat! Hopefully I'll have a pic for the next yarn along.)
  • Thread my sewing machine. This is a low-key goal.

Baby goals:
  • Make a registry. This is way overdue. We've gotten started, but it's a slow process, and very overwhelming for me. I've already had one pregnant-woman-meltdown over it. Hopefully I'll have it finished by next week.
  • Clean out the second bedroom to make way for a crib and other baby things. Another slow process, but that's okay.
  • Join St. Paul's so we can get the baby baptized. :)

Other things:
  • Change my name with the university.
  • Apply for graduation (and pay the late fee ... sigh).
  • Revise 3 stories.
  • Finish up any necessary business with my old bank account so we can transfer everything and close it before the baby arrives.

It's a little frustrating, because if I wasn't in grad school right now--reading 200 pages a week, teaching three days a week, grading grading grading, all the various little deadlines that must be met, and then that pesky manuscript that needs revision--all this other stuff would already have been done already. Plus the laundry basket wouldn't be always on the verge of exploding, and there wouldn't be spans of time where the dishes just sort of piled up for a few days. (Aside from those days, they are usually nicely washed, because I like a clean sink. Especially when I'm supposed to be doing something else.) Just thinking about juggling all this stuff makes me want to cry on bad days. I don't understand how working mothers do it--I mean, this kid is still in utero and I'm having trouble!--and I am so grateful that once Baby C is here, I will be able to stay home with him, even though I will miss the structure of school.

(I was just working on the registry, which is why you get to read this little rant.)


  1. I really like that knitting pattern!

    And hey, the craziness of grad school plus pregnancy just has you super prepared for the craziness of being a new mother! You are going to be just fine. Nesting instinct will help with the to-dos, too, once that kicks in. :-)

  2. choosing baby products is so overwhelming! everyone has a different opinion, there's just so many options, and tons of stuff you don't really need but can easily be convinced that you do. ahh, i feel you!