Sunday, January 8, 2012

as we forgive those

I know I have been forgiven so much.

Not just by God--of course, yes--but by others. People I have hurt, knowingly or unknowingly or at some level in between. Things I have said, done, not said, not done: flowers my clueless clumsy feet have trampled on. Things that maybe I meant to sting a little, to have some sort of effect, yet caused more pain than I will ever realize. Moments of impatience or inattention--caused by laziness, tiredness, ignorance, or my own woundedness. Somehow I am still loved by others; people still want me in their life, in their company.

Never forget this. I cannot help being hurt; I should not pretend that I haven't been, try to erase it within myself. But I can forgive.

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  1. A good Saint to pray to in this situation might be the little known Saint Rafaela Maria Porras. You can listen to a sermon on her life here (it's only 15 minutes):

    As always you are in my prayers my friend.