Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Goals

I posted earlier about my craft-oriented resolutions for 2012. My non-craft resolutions are pretty simple:

  1. Graduate with my Master of Fine Arts.
  2. Have a baby. (Hopefully in that order!)
  3. Sign up for a regular adoration hour.
  4. Read 50 books.

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but there you go.

These have made it onto my year-long resolution list because they are either huge events, and/or require a sustained effort to achieve. I'll also have goals for each month, some of work towards my bigger resolutions and some of which will be their own things. I guess they're not that much different than to-do lists. :)

Here is January's, in no particular order:

  • Hang up all of our pictures, artwork, etc.
  • Finish Keith's second sock.
  • Cast on Nicole's shawl.
  • Buy yarn for a baby blanket.
  • Finish the last short story of my manuscript.
  • Revise a short story.
  • Register for classes--baptism, birthing, and possibly breastfeeding.
  • Write letters to my cousins at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery.
  • Set a date for a knitting party.
Phew--looks like a lot to do in the remaining 14 days of this month, huh? Luckily I've started working on some of these things already--I'm hoping to knock one short story, one class, the date, and the letters off the list by the end of this week.

Right now the idea is that I'll post my goals here at the beginning of each month and do a recap of sorts near the end.


  1. Are you sure you need to do a baptism class? If the priest knows you, he can probably let you out of it. They're really designed for "Easter and Christmas only" Catholics who don't know what the heck to do in a church or at a baptism.

  2. Christine, I don't think we *should* have to, but I think we will. We don't know any parish priests down here--just the Oratorians. :-/

  3. That is quite the list! I hope you get everything done :)

  4. I'm pretty sure the Oratorians have done baptisms, they do it over at the cathedral. So that could be an option, perhaps?

    I like the idea of monthly goals. (and calling them goals, not "to-do lists") I've never done New Years resolutions, but maybe monthly goals would be a good idea...

  5. So looking forward to your knitting party. It'll be just the kick in the pants I need to finally get started on a new project - hats!

    You could definitely get the Oratorians do the baptism at St. Paul's. {Father Stephen says Father Josh is better at baptism prep.} We are hoping to do the prep with them but have the baptism back in Houston, so all of our family can attend.

  6. sounds like grand plans for the new year - wishing you the best of luck with everything :)