Monday, May 2, 2011

Post-Moving Day

I am typing this sitting in my pajamas, on my bed in a new bedroom. The room is full of light, and also unpacked boxes, but not as many boxes as are in the kitchen and living room and master bedroom--the last of which shall remain unoccupied until Keith and I get married and live here together.

I am realizing that this month will be very busy. This week would be nice downtime before the summer session starts, except that I have to unpack, and get ready for the class, which (cough) I'm not as ready for as I should be. (Although to a large extent that's due to circumstances and not my fault.)

Anyway. I spent my first night here by myself, and I am still alive. Before sleep I ate some cinnamon-sage ice cream in a teacup, since my lone bowl was still packed up somewhere, and watched the first installment of Downton Abbey. It was quite nice. Now I have a cup of coffee and a long to-do list which I am procrastinating.

I'm not sure how long I'll stay down here this week; we'll see how quickly work gets done.


  1. cinnamon ice cream + downton abbey = the perfect evening! that's so exciting about the new apartment!

  2. This is probably the first concrete part of your married life that's already become a reality. How exciting!

  3. @Caitlin--it was pretty perfect. :)

    @Mary--it is exciting! Although also a little weird. Because it's our place, but not really, yet. (Keith tries to never say "our", only "your.")