Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for the first yarn along in the new apartment!

This week is slipping by at a relaxed pace, which is nice. I've been getting ready to teach a summer class that starts on Tuesday, so my reading has been mostly from the textbook. My knitting has mostly been on a Secret Project that I can't describe in detail this week--although I have learned Navajo knitting and felting because of it. But in the meantime you can see the pretty color of the yarn, which is called "Fairy Tale."

The red yarn is a ball of Malabrigo lace, which is ... delicious. It was gifted to me by a fellow knitter who I met at a friend's bridal shower on Saturday when another friend, Christine, and I explored her knitting room in awe. :) (Well, I was in awe, at least! Christine had been looking for the bathroom, walked into the knitting room by accident, and knew she had to came back to get me. She's a good friend. ;) ) I won't be knitting it for a while, what with all this wedding knitting, but I am starting to make plans for it. It's lovely and squishy and soft, and I made my old roommate squeeze it so she could experience its amazingness. (I think she ended up being more amused than amazed, but that's okay.)

I feel that this is an appropriate time to mention that I've moved within walking distance of a yarn shop where they already know me. I may come to regret this. (Or more accurately, Keith may come to regret it. ;) )


  1. Madelinetosh is my all time favorite lace yarn! Have fun with your wedding knitting, and hurry up so you can knit some red lace :)

  2. Oh yes, give my condolences to Keith...

    Blessings, Debbie