Monday, May 16, 2011

A Wave of Weddings

Early on Friday morning, after a busy week of teaching and grading and getting my wedding dress fitted (!!) and sundry other tasks, I will pack up my things and head off to Philadelphia for my cousin's wedding.

Now, Theresa is a few years younger than me, but she is beating me to the altar by a little less than two months. I am okay with this. ;) The crazy thing is that our other cousin, Genevieve, just entered the convent last month for her three-month discernment period.

Of course, the youngest of the lady-cousins, Regina (Genevieve's sister), has us all beat: she entered the convent in 2008 and was invested as a novice last July.

But now the remaining three of us are going down with one fell swoop, so to speak. Walking into our lives, following the footsteps of Christ into our vocations as women.

I have this feeling that going to Theresa's wedding is going to make the eight weeks until my own feel very, very long. But it has been such a gift, the two of us being able to share this time of preparation together. And I am so joyful for her, and cannot wait to stand by her as she makes the vows that will transform her life.

(I think I intended to say much more here, but the things are too big and near yet, and I have a class to plan.)

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