Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Slippers and Stoles

Joining Ginny over at small things for another yarn along.

Over the next six weeks while I teach a summer course, I will be living half in the city, and half an hour north at my parents' house. This weekend was my first up there, and I was able to give my mom the slippers I knit her for mother's day. Luckily our feet are the same size, so I was able to shape them appropriately after felting. Although they came out looking slightly different, once I sewed on the straps, it was less obvious.

Over the weekend I also got a good chunk of the last bridesmaid stole done. I'm hoping to have it finished in two and a half weeks. We'll see!

My blocking wires and pins came in on Saturday, so I plan on pinning out a stole on my bed next time I leave for home and letting it block while I'm gone.

In the meantime, most of my reading has been for this Intro to Fiction class. (Yes, I lugged ALL of these books up to my parents' house with me.) Here and there I've been snatching some moments with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and two short story collections--one by Jhumpa Lahiri and one by Laura van den Berg. So far I am enjoying both. But even then, I am eying the collections for potential class material.

When I walked into the classroom for the first session last night, I have to admit I was initially intimidated. Which is saying something, because I had steeled myself against intimidation before walking in. I knew that 1) most of the students would be male, and 2) half of them would be seniors, and thus three years younger than me at most. But I did not expect a good third of them to be grown men. I'm not the best at judging ages, but a couple of them are certainly older than me.

I look young for my age, am pretty short, and can have a pretty dorky sense of humor when it comes to teacherly monologues. (I've found that "cool" doesn't work for me in the classroom, so dorkiness it is.) I wouldn't say that I have anxiety about maintaining authority in the classroom, but it's certainly something I'm aware of. And the first five minutes with a new class are vital in getting their respect and attention.

I had those first five minutes pretty well planned out, and I realized that I was going to have to switch registers. There was no way I could talk to men my age and older in the same way I had planned to talk to college students four and five years younger.

But it worked fairly well, I think. I maybe talked a bit too much, but they talked a lot too. Which is wonderful. And they responded to each other, which is great. I'm hoping that the rest of the session follows suit.


  1. Love the lace! What yarn is that ... it looks like cashmere? The slippers are so cute!

  2. Oh congratulations on being on the last shawl! It sounds like you would be a great teacher :D

  3. oh my, that must have been quite a surprise! i'm glad it seems to be working out, though.

    p.s. i'm very impressed with those slippers! and that you're on the last bridesmaid stole!

  4. I made the same slippers for my daughter! So cute.

  5. Those slippers are adorable. I'll bet your mom loved them!

  6. I love those slippers! I have a pair that I wear only on special occasions as they are my absolute FAVES!

  7. I love those slippers! I've eyed that pattern for a while but I've never tried them. Yours look fantastic!
    And the stole...oh my it's gorgeous!

  8. haha - when I was teaching, I used the dorkiness schtick as well. It's probably more true to who I am, and involves a lot less forethought!

  9. Those slippers are adorable!

    That sounds like a really interesting combination of students. Good luck teaching your class!

  10. I'm loving that lace! What kind of yarn are you using here? It's gorgeous!