Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long Goodbyes

I'm sort of cheating on the yarn along this week. For one thing, it isn't technically Wednesday anymore. For another, although as of this week I've finished knitting and seaming an avocado-green slipper, cast on for the fourth and final bridesmaid stole, and bound off the third one, I have been so busy that I've had no chance to photograph these things.

Nor have I had a chance to photograph my lovely Easter Annis while wearing it. I do, however, have pictures from blocking it last week. So that is what I'm posting. I love how the points look like stained-glass in this picture.

As for reading, I finished Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Yarn Harlot and got a copy of Free Range Knitter on my Kindle. She has an essay about writing, knitting, and creativity vs creating in the latter that is brilliant, and addresses many thoughts that I myself have had. (It just occurred to me that calling someone brilliant for writing down things I have thought myself is perhaps a little narcissistic, but oh well.)

Things I did today rather than take knitting pictures: cleaning for Keith's mom's visit + the subletters who will move in on Sunday; packing; meeting with Fr. Josh for the honkin' huge marriage-communication-quiz-thingummy; and getting the keys for our new apartment (!).

Our landlady has painted the bathroom walls a beautiful blue, and I transfered a few boxes of books into the 2nd bedroom before we left today. That is the room I'll be sleeping in a few nights out of every week, until Keith and I get married. The master bedroom will wait for both of us.

In the meantime, my bookshelves are looking very empty. It's a little silly how difficult it was for me to pack Chesterton and L'Engle and Regina Doman into a box. It's not like I look at them on my shelf every day, but the fact that I can't just glance over and see them or pull them off and hold them is a little lonely. Lewis and Tolkien are still there. And my knitting books. (My yarn is all still here, too, although I contemplated taking it over to the new place today.)

I've lived in this apartment for almost two years, and it really is a home to me. I'm looking forward to living with my parents for a while, and to building a new home with Keith. But I shall be sad to say goodbye to this place.

I did not get done any grading today. It seems I can't ever get things done without falling behind first. Sigh.


  1. Wow! The shawl is stunning! How exciting to starting a new adventure in life.

  2. I second that! Your knitting is AMAZING! Also, very exciting about the new apartment. I can't wait to see it!

  3. Yes, your shawl is stunning! Sounds like a very exciting time in your life, fulll of new opportunities, places to go and love. Blessed Girl. Make a beautiful weekend. Love Katie x

  4. Thank you all! After blocking I found not one, but TWO stitches that I'd dropped, so I had to be creative there ... but I don't think you can really tell ... :)

  5. the shawl is amazing, beautiful! i am on a project for a shawl, too, but have to learn so much...