Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Joining Ginny for the week's yarn along.

I'm grateful that my last yarn along post wasn't deleted in the midst of Blogger's troubles last week; but some of the comments on it were, and I wasn't able to respond to others, which makes me sad. So if you commented on my last post ... know that I read it, and thank you!

I've just been knitting along with this final bridesmaid stole--it's a little less than 2/3 finished, unless I poop out after 8 repeats, which would make it almost 3/4.

I have, however, started blocking the others. Two so far. I've been having a little trouble getting all the pins in before this yarn (Kidsilk Haze) starts drying out, so with the second one I used a spray bottle.

AND I now have blocking wires. Lacing them through the edges is kind of tedious, but it does make it easier to keep them straight, and it lets me pull an entire edge a little further rather than attempt to make the thing wider pin by pin (and hoping they all line up in the end).

I only have the one with me, so photos of the other will come soon, hopefully by next week.

I don't really have good photos of this one either ... but here's what I have. It is the third stole I knit; the pattern is Upstairs.

My attempt to model it in the bathroom. Bleh.

I love how this yarn blocks. It has a beautiful sheen to it, and lightweight as it is, it really is warm. I don't have before-and-after pics (although I have some photos from when I was knitting it here and on Ravelry), but here it is side-by-side with a stole-in-progress to give you an idea.

I really do need to get better pictures of it at some point. And definitely at the wedding, but that's 59 days away. (Not that I'm counting or anything. :) )

As for reading--same as last week, except that I've finished What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us. A book of beautiful short stories; I really enjoyed it.


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I also think the blocking wires are tedious to thread through but they are so worth the clean edge it gives. 59 days is not very long....for me :D

  2. Blocking is amazing! It makes an ok lace design really shine. Love the stole!

    Enjoy ....

  3. I am so impressed that you are making these bridesmaids stoles. What a special gift for the girls--beautiful!