Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adventures in Teal and Green

It would seem that not much as changed since last week's yarn along. I'm still working on the third bridesmaid stole, and still wading through Crossing the Sierra de Gredos. (And believe me, "wading" is the appropriate verb to use here--wading through a field of thigh-deep mud.)

However, my bookmark is considerably further on in the book, and the stole has gotten longer.

I've decided that I needed something to wear with my new white dress for Easter. I very nearly cast on a "Rose Lace Stole" in "Hush" after 11:30 last night. Instead I am casting on an Annis in "Tidepool Heather"--which may not be the most Eastery color, but who knows if I'll even have it done by then? If not, I have an apricot-colored sweater to wear over the dress. Anyway, this is also, in part, an experiment to see if I want the fourth (and last) bridesmaid shawl to be something cresent-shaped.

That little ball took nearly an hour to wind, using the back of a chair as a makeshift yarn swift. Considering how many skeins of lace I have lying about, I think I need to invest in a ball winder! However, there was something relaxing about it--watching the ball in my hand grow larger as the skein on the chair shrank, and seeing the yarn shift from blue to green as the sunlight changed in the room.

And I've already cast on the first 20 of 363 stitches. Hurrah!


  1. I like both of the shawls that you were thinking about! I have a ball winder but do not own a swift. I use two chairs back to back. I see progress on your green shawl!

  2. Rosemary— you commented on my Halifax guide for Design Sponge. Thanks so much.

    While honeymooning (congratulations!), you should definitely check out the Loop Cafe on Barrington, as mentioned above, and the fiber shop in the Hydrostone Market. Also, if you head down the South Shore at all (highly recommended!) there’s a cute little yarn shop on the main stretch in Mahone Bay. The ladies in there are super-sweet.