Monday, December 31, 2012

So long, year

If you remember, last January I set some goals--both crafty and otherwise--that I wanted to accomplish this year. I didn't finish all of them, but I'm satisfied nonetheless.


-baby sweaters (plus a vest.)
-a baby blanket (here)
-a sweater for myself (I just realized I never posted pictures of the finished product. Will have to do so.)
-a shawl for Nicole (here)
-lots of hexipuffs (well, it depends on your definition of "lots," but I'd say this is probably a no.)
-an afghan (see previous post)
-learn to crochet (yay!)
-learn to sew (two people used my sewing machine this year, but sadly neither of them was me.)


-have a baby
-sign up for an hour of adoration (I don't think this is a realistic goal for me at this time ... but it is one I am continually reevaluating, and I hope I can commit to a regular holy hour sometime in the near future.)
-read 50 books (final count is 57!)


  1. :( I can't see the shawl unless I sign into that site. But woo on 57! That's quite an accomplishment with your busy schedule and Michael!

    1. I did that on purpose so it will be a surprise when you get it. ;) I'm reading the book of poems you sent me now and will probably mail both to you together at some point after I finish it. :)

    2. Oh! Ha, cool. And what do you think of those poems so far? And have you found a decent crest to send me for your next woodburning?