Tuesday, December 4, 2012


That was this morning's breakfast. It was leftover berry cobbler. I am not ashamed.

That is a little pile of stars. Four, so far. For those who don't know, that is not knitting but crochet. Yes, dear friends, I present you with my first ever crochet project! (As opposed to random granny squares.) The gold thread was given to me by my mother, and while it makes pretty stars the metallic running through it is kind of scratchy to work with. But that's okay. I plan on making a garland (not sure how long yet), and possibly ornaments to slip inside Christmas cards ...? We'll see how ambitious I feel.

I admire my friends who have gotten all their Christmas preparations done early so that they can have a peaceful Advent; stress is the worst when it comes to distracting us from the things we should be focused on. For me, though, shopping for gifts and writing Christmas cards and so on has always been a tangible way to enter into the spirit of preparation that looks forward to Christmas, to Christ. Which is why I'm enjoying crocheting these stars. :)

Last night we lit the advent wreath for the first time (we forgot it on Sunday) and sang the first verse of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel," which is a tradition from my family. We don't have any greenery yet, so it's just a metal ring with the candles, hehe. That's okay for now.

I have no idea where we're going to fit the tree this year, as we now have a computer desk in the living room, not to mention baby things. (Babies are so little; why does their stuff take up so much room?) But I've set up the creche with Mary and Joseph and the as-yet-empty manger. I will start adding the animals today.

I know that this year Michael isn't going to "get" anything, but it's still so exciting to enter his first Advent! And for myself as a wife and mother, this season holds so much promise. I want to learn what it means to wait upon Christ, to watch for Him; I want that watching to suffuse every moment.


  1. I like your attitude about Advent. Especially as I'm not done shopping or anything...

    And why should you be ashamed of berry cobbler for breakfast? Dessert is perfectly acceptable for breakfast, and yours is even better because it has fruit. Fruit is healthy ;)

    1. My thoughts exactly, Katie. And as for the whipped cream on top, that's not much different than putting milk on your cereal ... right??

  2. I like Christmas preparations! It's all part of Advent. I refuse to do Christmas cards etc. In October. It takes all the fun out and makes it a mere to do item. If I am rushing or am too stressed about a particular thing, then I skip it. No "This is the worst Christmas ever!" moments yet. But on the other hand we haven't done Christmas cards since we've been married...

  3. Ooh - can you come over sometime and teach me to crochet? I'm serious. I have some hooks!

  4. that totally makes sense. i think the key reason i try to get everything done before advent is because we always visit our families for a week or two at christmas and it is very, very busy. lots of fun, but also pretty stressful trying to squeeze everything (and everyone) in. so it's important for us to have a few low-key weeks before that trip!