Monday, December 17, 2012

Preparing, II

Yesterday, Gaudete Sunday, we bought our tree and Keith bedecked it with lights. We will probably decorate it tonight. And light the rose candle on our Advent wreath, which I just noticed we forgot to do.

This morning I set up the rest of the nativity to await Baby Jesus' arrival, as well as setting up a few other decorations.

Saturday we went to Ikea to get a few things, and had an argument in the entrance of the store, which was kind of embarrassing.

I am feeling a little stressed. In my head I had an entire week (this one) to accomplish the rest of what needs to be done--cleaning, Christmas shopping, the rest of the cards, etc--but then Keith started talking about going up to visit our parents on Thursday, and I realized/remembered how short Advent is this year since Christmas is on a Wednesday ... which cuts my time short by several very important days.

My reaction was ... not peaceful. Ahem.

So I sat down, made yet another list, organized it according to day, prioritized (ie I may not get the corners of my kitchen floor scrubbed with a toothbrush before my mother-in-law comes), made significant progress knitting a gift last night, etc.

But today my hand hurts. It had been doing so for the past week or two whenever I put pressure on it getting up from the bed or the floor or put my body weight on it for whatever reason--a pain sort of at the base of my thumb. This happens to both me and my mother sometimes, and I figured it was from crocheting stars to send along with Christmas cards. So I stopped doing that. (Some of you are getting stars, some of you aren't. Sorry. :( ) And it did, in fact, get better. I guess maybe the knitting last night brought it back ... except it's worse now. It hurts when I do almost anything, including cleaning the dishes or picking up Michael.

So we'll see what gets done before we leave on Thursday. As long as I can straighten up a bit and finish Christmas shopping/wrapping ... everything else will be okay. I am peaceful now, turning any stress I feel (mostly over Christmas shopping) to Our Lady, and trying to learn from her what it means to wait for Christ with patience and eagerness and hope.

And I'm really grateful that I already scrubbed the bathroom floor.


  1. So this may sound weird, but Tom understands hand musculature really well. When my hand hurts like that, I get him to press on it in certain places, and it helps a lot. When you come on Saturday, explain the pain to him, and he might be able to show you where to put pressure (or for Keith to do, since it's difficult to do that stuff to yourself).

  2. Glad you're feeling more peaceful :) I had tons of plans for Advent, too... at this point, I'm just hoping to get the presents wrapped, sister's present knitted, bathrooms cleaned and guest room tidied up a bit by Saturday. Those are the essentials. I'm trying to take it one day at a time!

    (also, Christmas is Tuesday. Hope that was just a typo?)

    1. Haha, no, it wasn't a typo. :-P Thanks for letting me know, as I'm not sure how much longer it would've taken me to figure it out, lol.

  3. I got your card in the mail Saturday! It's so cute! Thank you! You will be getting something in the mail soon, too, once I mail it out.