Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Decorations

Yesterday as we packed up to visit my parents, I snapped some pictures of the Christmas decorations in our apartment. Unfortunately, it was pretty grey out, and I couldn't tell from the camera screen how blurry these were.

My Fontanini nativity set:

It was getting a little crowded on the table, so the shepherds are on the mantle above. Maybe they'll come down and see Baby Jesus on Christmas Day? 

(I like to think that they're keeping their sheep on a cliff overlooking Bethlehem ... ;) )

Here is the garland I crocheted! :) I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. 

And ... drumroll please ... our Christmas tree. My mother-in-law gave us the tree skirt last year. 

Like last year, I feel a little sad that we decorate our apartment and then leave it all behind. But we will be home after Christmas, and it will be nice to have them up while Keith's mother is here.


  1. ooh - you have lots of Fontanini figures. I kinda want a whole little gaggle of them as well. Also - nice garland. I was hoping to do something similar this year by cutting out felt stars and hand-beading them, but stupid Michael's didn't have the type of beads I wanted, and I didn't have the motivation to look elsewhere. ha.

    1. Some of them are actually Fontanini knock-offs someone passed on to me a while ago ... they're a slightly different size. But that's okay. :) The only problem is I have only one wise man, hehe.

  2. Lovely! So glad you will get to enjoy them before and after the big day :) Have a lovely Christmas :)