Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The End of February

Time to check in for February's goals! (Although technically I still have a whole extra day to knock them off, eh?)

Knit Baby C's blanket.

Yes! I don't think I can get a yarn along post in today, because I am really busy and have no camera (my husband took it to California with him), but all it needs is a good soak and block--hopefully something I'll accomplish tonight.

And then I can start a sweater or something. :)

Make a registry/join St. Paul's/baptism classes.

Yes to all of the above. Hurrah!

Register for a birth class/clean out the second bedroom.

Well, all I can say is that I tried on both of these. The class at the hospital (the only one before my due date) is full, and we are on a waiting list. When Keith gets back we'll probably look into other classes at other hospitals nearby, but I don't have much hope. In all honesty, I know that all the information we'd get in a class is more than readily available to us from other sources; but taking an actual class just helps you feel more prepared.

As for the second bedroom ... it's getting there. We have a changing dresser (now full of baby clothes from my shower!), and the twin bed is gone, and there are fewer boxes.

Change my name at the university/apply for graduation.

Yep. All I have to do is get a new student ID. Which seems kind of silly, since I'll only need it for seven weeks or so, but oh well.

Revise 3 stories.

No. I have not done this. Partly because I have been really busy with other school--it seems that every week this month there have been two or three things other things that needed IMMEDIATE doing, like grading stories or writing a paper or what have you. (This week it's student conferences.) But the other part of the story is that I am terrified to tackle the stories in most need of revision, and I haven't been able to meet with my committee members about them for various reasons to get some needed guidance. Next week is spring break, and I intend (I need!) to get a good start on them.

Close my old bank account.

No. This has become a spring break goal.

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