Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sick Day

Keith is home in bed today with a bad cold or infection of some sort. I myself have a sinus infection; but the worst of that was yesterday, and today I am just stuffy with a scratchy throat from breathing through my mouth all night.

Unfortunately, for me, a "sick day" doesn't mean no work--especially since I'd be home today in any case. My to-do list for today was to grade 11 stories.

Now that it is nearly 6pm, here is a list of what I have actually done:

-grade 4 stories
-do 4 loads of laundry (and a fifth, I expect, since there's just one more left in the hamper)
-clean all the dishes
-clean the stove and counters and table and garbage can (it's white and gets gross-looking if I don't wipe it down with a damp paper towel now and then)
-knit past the halfway point on Baby C's blanket

At this rate, the stories will be done around midnight, as well as the kitchen floor, the bathroom mirrors and trash, and a heckuva lot of a folding.


  1. Sounds like a productive day to me! I hope you both are completely well again soon.

  2. I hope you feel better soon!!! (and your husband too)