Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yarn Along: (all but) Finished Baby Blanket(s)

Today I give you not one, but two nearly finished baby blankets. Both need their ends woven in, and the blue Shale Baby Blanket needs blocking. The leaf--which is an adorable swaddling blanket pattern by Spud and Chloe--needs a button and an i-cord.

I think I'm ready to move on to a baby sweater. :)

This week is spring break, which means I've been cleaning, knitting, and reading a LOT for my Utopian and Dystopian Lit class. (One of my students complained about me giving him an additional twenty pages to read over break. I think my running total, so far, is between 400-500 pages.) Right now I'm on Pacific Edge by Kim Stanley Robinson, which is a novel about an "ecotopia" set in an alternate-reality California in the year 2065. It's a fairly quick read thus far, for which I am grateful. I just finished Ursula LeGuin's The Dispossessed which, now I think of it, I completed in a little less than three days--but it felt much longer, simply because of the weight of reading I have to get through this week. I would enjoy all these books much more if I didn't have to steam through them like this.

Not pictured: I am working on a Swallowtail for a friend, and still reading Sweater Quest (and still loving it). I want to blog about some of the awesome things I've discovered through this book; I highly recommend it!

Joining Ginny's yarn along crew.

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  1. I am so happy for you that you are done with the blankets!! Both are lovely :)