Sunday, April 17, 2011

I haven't killed it yet. :)

This picture was taken about a week or so ago; the flower is still there, just a little past its prime.

Keith gave me this mini-rosebush for my 24th birthday in October. Little did he know it was the last day of a novena I was praying to Saint Therese in the hopes that we'd get engaged soon!

The same morning he brought me the rose, he asked my Dad if he could marry me. And four days later he proposed.

So this rose means a lot to me, and I'm hoping it stays around for a long time.

(And yes, those are Christmas ornaments in the corner.)


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. I can't believe you never told me this story!! Yet another beautiful example of St. Therese answering a prayer, and sending a rose as a sign!!

  2. wow, that's a really crazy story! i have a feeling that rose will be sticking around for quite a while! :)

  3. @Caitlin I hope so! It's had some close calls. :)

    @Christine I thought I had!! I know I didn't tell people right away because it was ... well, special, intimate. I didn't even tell Keith right away! But yeah ... I made a deal with Therese that I'd name one of our daughters after her, so ... :)