Thursday, April 14, 2011

Busyness and Miscellany

No yarn along yesterday; but that doesn't mean I haven't been knitting.

It probably should mean that, as this is the second-to-last week of class, which in turn means that I have 19 essays to grade by Monday, a class to plan by tomorrow afternoon, and a fair chunk of writing to do by the Monday and Tuesday after Easter.

However, I've also a shawl to complete. It's almost done. So near being done that I have a hard time setting it aside. The end feels deceptively near--only four rows away--but those rows are a good 200 stitches long. It will be finished by tomorrow, though, and perhaps I shall post a picture.

In the meantime: this week I've applied for a passport, got my new Kindle all set up, set up an appointment to have my bridesmaid's dress altered, and started working on the syllabus for the summer Intro to Fiction course I'll be teaching. I wish I had another week off after the spring semester to prepare for it, but I'm excited nonetheless.

More coherent posts to come.


  1. Looking forward to seeing a finished shawl picture!

  2. Wait...a passport? Are you leaving the country soon (your honeymoon??)? I hope you realize that when you change your name, you have to spend SIXTY-FIVE dollars to get the passport updated!!! You should wait, if you can. I still haven't done it.

  3. ha ha, i know exactly how it goes with the still knitting despite the end of semester approaching. except i can't knit. but i did spend a good portion of my time this week researching gardening, even though we definitely won't start planting till may. whoops!

  4. @Christine: yes, for the honeymoon. :-/ It is kind of a pain in the butt about the name-change ... I considered just getting a passcard since we're only going across the border, but *that* cost sixty-something, so if Keith and I decide to pack up and head off to a country besides Canada in the next six years (heh) I'd end up paying the same as getting a passport and updating it.