Friday, May 23, 2014

Seven Quick Takes (20) and One Hot Mess (1)

1. I went to a bachelorette party yesterday. I didn't bring any babies. I wore a DRESS. And I stayed out until past 11! It was amazing. And it was one of the best bachelorette parties I've been too, planned with a lot of love and creativity by the bride's friends. Among other things, we all toasted her with whiskey in teacups. A few minutes later I looked down and, oh--my teacup was full of Jameson again. Huh. So I got to work on that. And then a bit later when I went to take the last sip ... it was full again. Apparently the waiter was going around refilling teacups with the bottle! I'm pretty sure that's the most whiskey I've ever drunk in one sitting ... which to be honest isn't saying all that much. ;) But it was a fun night out, whiskey included!

2. Michael has started biting his brothers. Specifically Dominic. I mean, the babies do have very pudgy legs that just look so nom-able, I agree. But leaving teeth marks on your brother's thigh is just not acceptable. We're working on it.

3. Our backyard looks like a wild meadow. Keith finally broke down and ordered a lawnmower from Amazon Prime (because that's how we roll), an electric lawnmower no less. He's kind of a nonconformist. :-P But he hasn't had time to do the whole thing. So, our front yard is mowed (but getting long again), plus it has a big muddy patch with grass seed sprouting here and there (because the rain washed away the rest), and then the backyard is this overgrown field with a few mown paths in it.

About a week ago Keith was talking to a neighbor about the previous owner of this house, and our neighbor said something like "Yeah, she let the landscaping get away from her." I'm not sure what that means they think about us.

4. I've been complaining to Keith that we have too many toys and should do a purge. He disagreed and said it was just a matter of organization. Well, I am glad to say he was right! I ordered some baskets that were on sale from the Land of Nod and reorganized everything, and it is so much better. I'm also hoping it will make it easier to teach Michael to clean up, since each basket has a "category" of toys (cars, stuffed animals, etc).

5. I also ordered some fabric for a few projects in the twin's room. I'm thinking some cloth bins, but I'm not sure what else ... maybe a pouf similar to Michael's?

6. I belong to a Facebook group for attachment parenting twins. I am not an "attachment parenting" parent by a long shot, but the group is helpful for questions about nursing and so on. This morning someone posted a story about a twin homebirth and it reminded me that I wanted to post some thoughts about birth sometime soon. Isn't that exciting?

7. Also I started writing a "day in the life" post three weeks ago and haven't finished it yet. So much changes in three weeks with babies, so I've contemplated abandoning it ... but ... I put a lot of work into it, dang it! If I can't get it up by next week I'll abandon it and maybe start a new one. :)

8. Bonus take. I had to share this picture for Blythe's One Hot Mess link-up. This is a week's worth of boxes for our household, obstructing the path into the kitchen. I honestly have no idea why they haven't been collapsed yet. I guess we've been too busy (ahem). Yes, that pile is taller than the counter. Yes, we shop on Amazon Prime kind of a lot.

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  1. Yes! We live on Amazon prime. And my husband and I have a long standing *dispute* (we'll call it) on whether or not the boxes actually need to be collapsed. I believe in sticking as many as is humanly possible in the car to take to the dump… to, y'know, "save time." (And because I'm too lazy to collapse them.) He finds that ludicrous and contends that the 6 minutes it takes to collapse them are worth it.
    Might be a disagreement that lasts the duration of our marriage…!

  2. when you have three little ones, amazon prime can be a real life-saver! God bless and keep you all!!!

  3. Ok so your floors are kind of amazing! Also I would love to read a day in the life post you write. Do it!