Monday, January 3, 2011

Why 2011 will be wonderful.

It started with margaritas and taquitos in my parents' living room, with the Christmas tree glowing and all the family--including Keith and his dad, of course.

Granted, planning a wedding could get stressful, but only if I let it. And turning in a manuscript at the end of the year ... well, that is best thought of in increments, best approached by writing day to day, yes?

This year, I am:

-getting married
-honeymooning in Novia Scotia
-moving in to our place with my beloved
-only taking two courses per semester
-knitting, knitting, knitting
-finishing something resembling a manuscript (stress, but this is a good thing after all)
-attending the weddings of some much loved people

How could it not be good?

Welcome to 2011.

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