Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blogging Break! (of dresses and cracked kindles)

I need to get away from this mountain of essays for a while, so here I am.

I'm halfway done the second stole. It's knitting up much more quickly than the first, mostly because the pattern uses size 7 needles. But each row takes forever. This particular pattern is knit lengthwise, which means I have 278 stitches on my needle. Hence the bunching. (It was supposed to be 289 stitches, but apparently I can't count and ended up with 274. I was sneaky and added a few more on in the third row so the number would be right for the pattern.)

I also finished the cover for Keith's Kindle, though the only picture I have of it is on the needles. (You can see the flat spot on the left side where I forgot a cable ... whoops.)

Of course, I managed to break my own Kindle after owning it less than a month. By falling on top of it. While folding laundry. I'm assuming I'll find this amusing later in life, but right now I'm pretty upset, since it was a Christmas gift from Keith's dad.

In a happier vein, my cousin has ordered her bridesmaid dress for my wedding, and I am now in possession of my bridesmaid dress for her wedding. (She is beating my by a month and a half, the stinker!) I brought along a hank of yarn from that I ordered from Knit Picks as a potential for my own bridal shawl, to see if it matched the dresses. Nope--too green. I'm thinking it will be easiest to go with white.

Although I am in love with Sweet Georgia's Cashsilk Lace in Riptide, and it looks closer to the right color.

I don't mind at all splurging on yarn for my wedding, but I can't spend money on skein after skein just to to see if it's the right color. Even though I wouldn't mind owning all of said yarn ...

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