Friday, March 13, 2015

Seven Quick Takes (23)

1. Well, this has been an exciting week. On Monday Michael tripped and split open his forehead on the corner of a wall. There was blood everywhere. I have a vivid image of him standing in the kitchen trying to wipe blood out of his eyes but not being able to keep up with it as it dripped off his chin onto the floor.

We were able to stop the bleeding pretty quickly, and my mom stayed with the babies while Michael and I rode in the ambulance--a trip he did NOT enjoy. Luckily Keith arrived just in time to help me restrain him while they cleaned and glued the wound. Ugh. :(

Then the next day he picked the glue off. So he's had a huge band-aid every since, and it bleeds a bit every time I change it, but according to the doctor there's not much more to be done about it.

2. The next day we said "bye-bye" to binky. Ever since then Michael refuses to nap, and "quiet time" has been ... not so quiet. I am not ready for this!! I already knew and appreciated how much sanity naptime gave to my day, so this week has been really frustrating. I've had so many projects I'm itching to start and now no time to do anything. Hopefully a new normal works itself out soon.

3. I've been letting him bring books into bed, but what Michael would really love to do is build things with his door shut. And I would totally let him, except that his palaces of blocks and magnetiles or long looping tracks inevitably crash on his wooden floor, waking up his brothers. He is really good at building and puzzles ... I think he's a very spatial thinker.

At my parent's house, and with a little help, but in his signature style.

4. I've been knitting a lot lately but in a very non-committal way, jumping between hexipuffs and crochet flowers and leaves for Michael's blanket. All little parts of larger projects.

5. I've also had some non-knitting projects in the works ... I bought lumber for this table (before naptime ended ...), written up a spring-cleaning to-do list, and hung up teal paint samples in various places ... But it's all mostly on hold until this naptime/quiet time thing is sorted out.

Apparently Keith and I had an agreement some time ago that our kitchen would be white with teal accents, maybe a backsplash. He reminded me of this in dismay when he saw those swatches up on the wall. But I've definitely developed a taste for more color and would like to experiment a little. I think he's right that anything except, perhaps, a very light teal on the walls would be too much. What I'd really like is painted cabinets ... but since ours are laminate, that doesn't make sense. (Well, 75% of them are laminate. This section is wood; another is metal.) Which makes me a little sad. I'm determined to paint something though. Maybe the door frames?

6. I forgot to post about what we ate last week. On Friday and Saturday we had this curry with homemade naan, and other nights we had frozen ravioli with pesto, a quiche with broccoli and carmelized onions, and mushroom soup.

7. This week's meals:

Monday: Honey Lime Sweet Potato Tacos
Tuesday: Clam chowder
Wendesday: Broccoli pizza and mushroom and carmelized onion pizza
Thursday: Out to dinner at Burgatory with my family ... not particularly Lenten ;)
Friday: Fish tacos


  1. whew, that was stressful for you with Michael's injury! hang in there! The head sure bleeds a lot, hey?!

    It's hard not to have some quiet time; have you read _A Mother's Rule of Life_? it deals with this issue; I recently picked up one used for a friend and am already thinking it maybe good for many of my Mom friends!!! Also I think the author is Catholic so this would be a good fit for you :)

    nice meals! I never seem to make anything for Lent! I did make split pea soup last week but nothing really this week... just so busy!

    Neat to realize that that Michael is a spatial thinker too...

    I think patience is really hard, with kids, with changes, with a house you want updating; I get this way too; I really want our office rearranged but it's tax season and we are just too busy; my parents DV will come around end of May and help with things. And I want to learn to sew but my beloved Mr. Husband wants storage shelves in place for fabric to go so that I don't start accumulating sewing machine and fabric and have no where to put it (clutter stresses us both out but we are not always good at keeping things in order!)

    much love to you!!!

    1. I have started reading that book! It is very good! I'm not really able to implement a "rule" in the way she writes about, because my children wouldn't really abide by it. :) But it has helped me prioritize certain things that I *can* control, in particular setting aside time for prayer during certain predictable times of day (getting up before the kids, or while my husband is reading to Michael).

  2. I'm so sorry about Michael's injury! That must have been so scary!

    1. It was pretty nerve-wracking! And he hates having his band-aid changed. I'm sure with three boys it's only the first time of many ... :-P

  3. Gosh, glad Michael is doing ok!
    Sorry about the nap time though- the days Maria barely naps can get pretty rough. I hope it's just a phase!

    1. I bet it is!! I feel like everything is a phase, but some phases seem to last longer than others ... :-P

  4. I am dreading the bye bye to binky time. Adam wants Alcuin's gone and I keep avoiding it.

    1. I can imagine Adam's attitude towards it is much the same as Keith's. God bless them both. ;-P

  5. Oh my gosh, I didn't know you had to go in an ambulance! That must have been a scary cut!

    So maybe it just doesn't come out right in the photos, but those swatches don't look teal to me at all. They look painter's-tape-blue. If the photos are true-to-color, I vote no (not that you asked me...). Find something with more green in it :-)

  6. goodness, you did have quite the exciting week! My son was a frequent visitor to the ER....I never thought I'd be a mom to that kind of kid. But luckily my husband does well with blood and gore, and I'm skilled with the stomach flu (ahem). So together we make the perfect married pair!