Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Yarn Along--almost done.

Yes, that is still a pink, lacy knee-high sock on the needles. But it is almost finished! Honestly, I am on the ribbing now, so I might even be done by tonight. Tomorrow at the latest. 

Last night I started rereading Little House in the Big Woods for the first time in years. I read half of it before bed, and will probably finish today. I just read the chapter about the dance at Grandpa's, complete with maple syrup candy and Grandma jigging. :) It is SO GOOD. I know Keith is skeptical about this being a book little boys would enjoy, but honestly, I can't wait until Michael is old enough for me to read it to him. 

Last week I finished Milo vest for him, to wear in the fall months. I knit the six month size, so he should fit it by then. 

Forgot to rotate this one--you'll just have to turn your head sideways. :-P
And from the leftovers, I knit two leaves. And because I was on a roll, I knit a leaf from the remains of his baby blanket. The pattern is from the Family Tree Afghan, and I think it would be neat to make him this blanket out of the leftovers of other things I make for him. At the same time, I'd like to make this pattern with colors that complement each other, rather than having that looks super scrappy. So we'll see! Either way, it's definitely a long-term project.

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  1. beautiful milo vest that you knit up and I love the leaves from the left over yarn-perfect!

  2. Lovely pattern on the socks- swoon, and the vest is just too cute!