Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Big Little Things

Tomorrow I am bringing dinner to a friend who just had her second baby. Yesterday, while Michael and I chilled on the bed (one of his favorite places), I told him we were making beef stew. And he laughed out loud. Each and every time I said it. Beef stew, beef stew! I made sure it wasn't just the way I was saying it, by repeating it in an absolutely flat tone; I buried it in full sentences ("Tomorrow we are going to make beef stew for Tom and Christine"). Each and every time, a laugh. He even did it again for me later that evening after Keith came home, which I wasn't expecting. Apparently beef stew is hilarious.

I think he might also be starting to respond to his name. This could be over-eager Mama imagination, but it seems that within the past day or two he's been turning to me when I say it, opening his eyes a little wider or smiling.

Little things like this are consolation for these stretches of days when he refuses to nap, despite the deepening bags under his little eyes. This little man needs a lot of mama-love lately. (I feel like half of my Facebook statuses are about Michael's sleeping patterns, or lack thereof...)

And Monday was his first feast day--Saint Augustine! We didn't really do anything for it, unless you count the cardamom lime sweet rolls I made, which have already all disappeared. (And let's be honest ... I would have made those even if it wasn't anybody's feast day.)

My afternoon tea. The cup and Fiestaware sugar bowl make me happy.
Right now he's half-frustrated and half-happy on his playmat. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the frustration takes over, so I will finish this up. No yarn along today!


  1. so, i could see another post on my google reader of yours that i quite enjoyed. i'm sure you didn't mean to publish it, but i can't help commenting on it.

    first of all, i have definitely been pondering the whole sibling thing as well. just pondering, though! we're trying our best to follow our doctor's strict orders.

    we used to lean far too much towards the planning side but with Claire's birth we learned our lesson for sure. it's been hard to accept that God's plan might not look like our plan, especially because it might mean that our family (at least are by-birth family) will be a lot smaller than we originally thought.

    i also second that people should start having children at a younger age! it's really hard to meet people under 25 that have kids. i have been going to the mom's group at our new church and everyone has been really, really nice but i am at least five years younger than everyone else and i feel like their little sister sometimes.

    but, i guess i should just count my many blessings and be grateful to have achieved my vocation as a wife and mother at such a young age!

    p.s. i know exactly what you're going through with michael. it's so frustrating! i used to say over and over to myself, "she has to get this eventually. she can't stay awake forever." and she finally did!

    1. Hey Caitlin! Thanks for your response. :) For whatever reason I felt self-conscious about that post right after putting it up--maybe because Michael was super grumpy and I was super stressed. But I think I'll put it back up. :)

      I just met someone who said their friend had a nine month old who still kept them up at night--that makes me kind of nervous!! But either way, I know it can't last forever. :) Glad to hear Claire is napping for you now!

      I was also going to write about God's will and small families (I come from a small family), but I figured I should save that for another post. :)

  2. cardamom and lime sounds like such a weird combination...but maybe it could be good? But I hate to see cinnamon(looking)rolls without frosting on them!