Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hey look, I'm blogging!

I put Michael down for a nap about twenty minutes ago, and he is still sleeping. Oh, blessed baby! So, after getting dressed and brushing my teeth and whatnot, I decided to treat myself to a second cup of coffee (since I am super sleepy today) and a zucchini cupcake. Yum. When he wakes up, we'll go visit my dear friend Stephanie; meanwhile, I'm enjoying a nice quiet moment to myself with my caffeine and my blog.

I am glad the weather seems to be getting cooler. Two days ago Keith and I went shopping in Shadyside with his dad, and Michael's little legs seemed chilly, so last evening I cast on a pair of legwarmers for him. They're easier than pants when it comes to changing diapers, can be taken off and stowed away if it gets too warm later in the day, and perhaps most importanty: stripes!

It's a quick and easy pattern; my only problem is the jogs running up the back. I know there's a technique for avoiding this, but I was too lazy to look it up yesterday. (Plus as I recall I was sitting on the floor knitting next to Michael and if I tried to get up and walk away he protested quite a bit.)

While we were out, we stopped in Banana Republic so I could try things on while Keith held the baby. It was my first time really shopping there (as opposed to just window shopping), and I was happy to discover they had a petite section. Unfortunately, none of their pants fit me. :( I blame part of it on the post-partum belly that is still slooooowly shrinking (we won't talk about the post-partum butt ...), but I've always had trouble finding pants that fit. Right now I'm down to one pair of jeans and one pair of black denim tousers in the pants department, so I think I'm due for some new ones!

I did get two new shirts, one of which I'm wearing right now, and it's wonderful how new clothes can make you feel classy and polished--two things which I have not felt much of late. I'm also due for a haircut, and I'm rediscovering how amazing concealer can be. I am way too lazy to wear makeup on a daily basis, and when I do it's usually just mascara and maybe some powder; but I've worn concealer to Mass the past two Sundays and gotten compliments on looking good, so, yay!

(Granted, one of them was sort of a backhanded compliment. "You're looking so much better Rosemary ... after the baby, you looked kind of unhealthy!" Personally, I find it kind of hilarious. And I know it was well-intentioned.)

This post is getting kind of rambly. My cupcake's gone, but I have half a cup of coffee still left, so I will go read some yarn along posts to accompany it until the baby wakes up. :)


  1. i always have a hard time finding pants that fit too. i imagine it will be even more of a challenge with my new postpartum body. for now, i am ignoring the problem by just wearing skirts but it's already getting cooler here in seattle so i shall have to face the music soon, i suppose.

    have you been doing anything specific to shed the baby weight? with the general craziness of the summer, i honestly have not. but now that things are settling down again i have no more excuses!

    1. Nothing specific--except occasionally refraining from a sweet or two that I would otherwise eat. But not that often, because honestly, I'm not all that good in the self-control department. ;)

      Most of my skirts still don't fit because they were tailored and sat higher up on my waist. :-/ But I noticed the skirts you recommend on your blog, and I think I might look into those.

  2. ahh - I have such a belly too this time around! Like Caitlin, I've been using the skirt solution. But I'm only fitting in the elastic-waisted ones right now. Really want to wear some that zip and button!

    Jealous that you got some new shirts! I've honestly not bought any new clothes since I was married (no - maternity clothes don't count!!), and I'm pining for something that's not frayed, stretched, faded, etc...

    1. It feels like ages since I got new clothes (other than maternity!). I really feel like I need a lot of new things in general, from pants to shoes to pajamas, but ... yeah, that's a lot of money. :-/