Sunday, July 1, 2012


Since we're halfway through the year (yikes), I thought I'd check in with the goals I set for 2012.

  1. Graduate with my Master of Fine Arts. Check.
  2. Have a baby. (Hopefully in that order!) Check. Except NOT in that order. :)
  3. Sign up for a regular adoration hour. Not yet. I really need to get on this. 
  4. Read 50 books. Just finished #32. Woot. 

And then there are my crafty resolutions. 

-Knit baby sweaters (check), a baby blanket (check), a sweater for myself, a shawl for Nicole (hibernating), hexipuffs, and an afghan (hibernating). 

-Learn brioche and entrelac. Not yet. 

-Learn to crochet. Getting there. I learned the basic stitches and some increases and decreases, although I could do with a refresher since it was a few months ago. Next up is learning to crochet in the round and make granny squares (yay!). 

-I haven't yet touched my sewing machine, but I'm hoping that will change this month. 


  1. Yay! There's still time to finish the last half of that. You can do it! And we're only on week 27, I think, so you're still ahead of the book goal. Congrats! Granted, that will change when Michael stops sleeping so much. ;) And your woodburning is also hibernating. I still need the images you wanted, but I also have about... oh... at least five ahead of you. :/

    1. Part of the reason your shawl is still hibernating (I set it aside a few months ago to concentrate on baby sweaters) is that I'm procrastinating figuring out exactly where I left off in the pattern. Yeah ... probably should've written that down. :-P

  2. Not bad, considering the baby did come in the wrong order :) I wish I were reading that many books/year! Any fiction recommendations? (for, you know, when I finish the 2 or 3 I'm currently sort of reading...)

  3. In response to Katie's comment, I would love to read a post about your favorite books!

    Good for you making time for your own interests while being a new mother.