Friday, July 6, 2012

Love Song Link Up

When I saw that there was a love song link-up over at Betty Beguiles, I just had to participate. :) 

I first discovered Brooke Fraser--and her song, "The Thief"--when I was falling in love with my husband. I listened to this song over, and over, and over ... and one day I sent it to him. It was very meaningful to me and captured something about our relationship at that time, and when we got married it was the song for  our first waltz as a married couple. (The dance where my shoes kept almost falling off and clacking horribly on the floor ... oy. My bridesmaids were laughing at me. It meant I was smiling real big in the pictures, though. And our dance was quite beautifully choreographed, nonetheless. Beautiful moment in my life.)

This piece from the soundtrack of Amelie is also a waltz. Here is a very short version of the story: One day, Keith and I were walking in the woods at a place called Todd Sanctuary. In the middle of the woods was a cabin. We were the only people around, and we went up the cabin steps onto the porch and started dancing, just the two of us, without music. But suddenly there was music. This music. And we kept dancing.

And then, after we had finished dancing and a cascade of balloons had fallen ... he asked me a question. Can you guess what it was? :)

There are other songs, too; but these two are at the top of my list. :)

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  1. Aww...I love the soundtrack, and everything else (apart from the strange morals lol) of that film...definitely one of my favourites ever!