Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Brief Appearance

Taking a moment to post, as I am overwhelmed by a ten page paper (currently eight pages of word vomit understandable only to myself) that is due tomorrow, and am having a hard time forcing myself back to it after dinner.

I am uncomfortable.

As I type this, Baby C's feet (I think) are up in my ribs. Even though he has dropped. I am carrying much lower than I was before--my belly is basically in my lap when I sit down--and I definitely feel him chilling in my pelvis when I walk. But he can still reach up when he has a mind. I'm guessing he's a long baby. At least he's no longer pinching any nerves.

Now, if I were sitting forward with my feet on the floor and my legs at the proper angle, he wouldn't be in my ribs. But as it is, I am sitting with my feet propped on the couch next to me, in the hopes that they will look less like elephant feet--or at least feel less sore from the swelling. (Nothing I can do for my hands, unfortunately--I have lots of typing that needs to get done.) I am so grateful that this wasn't a summer pregnancy, because I can only imagine the swelling would have been awful.

I meant to do a lot of walking with the warmer weather, but walking is painful.

Honestly, I am just tired of being pregnant. I keep thinking, I'm ready whenever you are, baby. But that's not entirely true. Because I have this paper to write. I have a manuscript to revise. I have stories to grade. All in the next 3 1/2 weeks.

So if I'm not around here much these days ... that would be why.


  1. uhhh....ok, I'm no expert on this...but if the baby's already dropped...don't be surprised if he comes early!!

    And I don't know - that desperate feeling of just wanting the pregnancy to be DONE...that usually sets in strong really close to the end! I'll hope for your sake that he waits a little while longer, though :-)

    1. Heh, well ... I've been thinking he'll be here early for a while now. But I'm also well aware that could just be wishful thinking ... ;) He can come as early as he wants so long as I get my work done on time ... we'll see how well we work together, lol! I think I have another two weeks at least. :)

  2. I swear, I'm going to be watching you all day today just in case Baby C does come early. I wonder if Kim opened her pool yet. I'm bringing a bathing suit, and if it's opened, maybe we can go swimming. It would help to take some weight off your feet, but if you went into labor early, it'd be harder to recognize while in the water. ;) Plus, it's chilly today, compared to the weather we've been having.

    Also, wow... I don't think I've ever read pregnancy descriptions that made me feel what it was like to have a baby in my belly. That little paragraph was profound, surreal, and a little... creepy? But that's coming from a non-pregnant person who has no kids. ;) Did it hurt when he pinched your nerves, or were you going numb? Granted, I haven't read much pregnancy writing, if at all.

    1. Hmm ... well, I have no pregnant-lady swimsuit, but I bet it would feel nice to stick my feet in the water. :)

      The nerve pinching actually didn't feel like it was related to having a baby inside me, necessarily. If I sat down at the wrong angle for too long, I just started getting back and/or rib pain on my right side. (And I've discovered that it was his butt, not his feet.) Not too different from having a nerve pinched in other places or for other reasons. :)

      If you like and if baby cooperates, I can show you where his butt and feet are today. :)

  3. Yes! You are the first friend that I've been around who's in her full term of pregnancy. I was around another friend, but school ended before she started to show, and it was more like, "So I have news." "You're pregnant?!" "I... yes, actually." lol