Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yarn Along!

This is my first time participating in a yarn along over at Ginny's blog, small things. I forgot about it until this afternoon, and today is a cloudy day, so you'll have to forgive the poor lighting. :)

I handed back a batch of essays to my Seminar in Composition class--always a good feeling. Between that and turning in a story draft for workshop on Monday, I feel like the world has fallen off my shoulders. Which means: time to read and knit!

The third bridesmaid stole is still on the needles. My goal was to finish it by the end of March, so that I could knit the fourth one in April.

Not happening, obviously.

The pattern is Upstairs, and the yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Meadow. For some reason these particular balls of yarn seem somewhat fuzzier than the ones I was knitting with before, which is odd; but I'm still enjoying knitting with it. The pattern's easy to memorize, so I can take it with me and knit wherever I am without having to worry about losing my place.

The book is Crossing the Sierra de Grados, by Peter Handke. I'm reading it for a class; otherwise, I admit, I would have put it down by now. The narrative has been meandering around and reflecting along with the main character for the past 60 pages, and it's getting ... sleepy.

But if I must read a book, then I might as well read it generously. So I'm willing to sit back and see where the author takes me.


  1. it's coming along beautifully! (speaking of bridesmaids, it would be fun to read about how the wedding plans are coming along! i love hearing about all the preparations.)

  2. You do such lovely lace work! I cannot believe you are knitting four. That is a lot of knitting :)

  3. What a pretty shawl! Is that mohair you're knitting with? I've had my eye on a mohair scarf that I'd like to try. Mohair makes things look so soft and whimsical looking.

  4. @Caitlin: thanks! Lately I've been preoccupied more with school, but as the semester winds down I'm sure there will be more wedding planning stuff! :)

    @Swanksi: Thank you! :) It actually goes pretty fast, when I have *time* ...

    Josee: Yes! It's a mohair-silk blend, which makes it wonderfully soft. :) (And kind of expensive, but since it's for my wedding, I'm fine with that. :) )

  5. Yes, very nice. I read Small Things as well. I can't believe you knitting ladies, always working on a new project! Knitting was fun for a time, but I...I don't have the stamina, I guess!

  6. Wow. Inspiring knitting there, friend. BEAUTIFUL!
    Nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    : )

  7. That is a lovely stole...I'll have to note that pattern, I have a bunch of lace weight that was passed on to me for which I am seeking projects...

  8. It's gorgeous! Are all four in that same shade of green?

  9. Your post sounds like magic. "Haze in the meadow... meandering around, see where the author will take me"... seems like a dream. Very inspiring. Thanks kindly, Katie x