Friday, March 11, 2011


I've definitely been something of a lazy blogger lately, but I haven't been without my excuses.

For example, last weekend I was completely surprised by ... a bridal shower!

Although I sensed that plans were afoot, I figured that it wouldn't happen until much closer to the end of the semester, so the timing was unexpected. And the set-up was perfect. My dear friend and matron of honor is pregnant with her second child, and her mom told me I was going to a shower. Which means when I walked around the corner, gift in hand, and saw a row of people ready with cameras, it took me a few moments to realize it was my shower. (Yes, I brought a gift to my own bridal shower!)

My mom and Stephanie threw an absolutely beautiful shower. Everything was coordinated in the colors for our wedding, including the beautiful tea-themed favors. These were put together by Vicki, a wonderful woman who runs a tea shop called The Still Room down the road from my parents' place.

It was great to get gifts from the registry, but I think what I enjoyed most was the unexpected things--gifts people chose themselves for me and Keith. I was showered with teacups of all shapes and sizes, so now I have a lovely collection.

But what made it most beautiful was being surrounded by a community and communion of women. Of my friends who were there, three were married (all less than three years), another four engaged, and the rest lovely single ladies. My mother and Aunt Jeanne and Stephanie's mother have all been married for much longer, and my Aunt Marie and Great Aunt Dolores were there as beautiful examples of living a single life. Women of different ages and places in life and vocation coming together to celebrate marriage--so beautiful!

And then Keith showed up near the end! While I was wearing an awesome bridal shower hat!

So yes, the bridal shower was wonderful. As you can imagine, I got little else done that weekend, so I'm very grateful my mom and Stephanie chose to throw it the weekend beginning break.

And now I'm off to another shower--this time my cousin Theresa's. It's showering all over the place these days. Fun times.


  1. I can't wait to see all your teacups (I missed half the gift opening, and the ones I was there for, I was too far back to get a good look at!). Do you plan to keep them wrapped up until you move into your new place?

  2. Sadly, yes ... they are all living in boxes in the bedroom at my parents' house, where there is a LOT more room. :( But I get to visit with them now and again. :)