Thursday, March 24, 2011

So apparently I have acquired a stash...?

Ugh, it's such a fuzzy picture ... but you can see all the pretty colors ... :)

Most of these yarns are destined for a specific project. (All that green at the bottom is going to be transformed into a blanket and a bridesmaid stole.) There's a couple skeins of sock yarn in there I got for Christmas, and some Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks. (Actually, about half of that yarn is from Knit Picks, a company that I really can't praise enough. Yarn that's cheap and yet still lovely.

I am still debating what color to make my bridal shawl. Right now it's between these two. I have to bring them both in to see how the teal looks with the bridesmaid's teal, and (perhaps more importantly) how the white looks against the white of the dress before making my decision. But the teal is ... delicious. I wish that pictures could convey softness and texture. It's a cashmere-silk blend from sweetgeorgiayarns, laceweight, in the color "riptide." Definitely a splurge, but for my wedding? Totally justifiable. :)

More Knit Picks. I bought two skeins of "Hush" in Shimmer (an alpaca/silk blend lace) because I'd admired it for a while, and found out they're discontinuing it.

And yes ... I did spend too much time taking half-decent photos of yarn instead of grading essays. There was sun, and the essays were unfriendly ...

Back to work.


  1. oh, i vote teal for your bridal shawl! that color is so, so beautiful. i definitely feel your pain about matching the dresses, though. my bridesmaids also wore a shade of teal and it was so frustrating finding anything that matched well!

  2. My wife knits. During winter I go nowhere without the scarf she made for me.

    Did you know there are community supported yarn coops? There's one around the Grove City area somewhere. One of my wife's friends is a member. They're run on the same idea as community supported agriculture.

    And I like the teal too. :~)

  3. TC, that sounds really neat. I hadn't heard of them but I'm not surprised. I'm sure there must be something like that in Pittsburgh!

    (And my fiance has acquired two hats, a pair of socks, and a cover for his Kindle from my obsession. I've never seen him wear the socks, but he uses everything else. :) )

    Caitlin: I'm leaning towards teal myself. ^_^