Monday, August 23, 2010

Tales from the Awesome

My life is awesome, and I'm not ashamed of telling you.

I guess I should be expected to substantiate claims like this, so I will offer you proof positive: I made my own lavender sugar last night.

I've been meaning to get some for a while now, but it's not the sort of product Giant Eagle or Trader Joe's carries. Whole Foods seemed the right place to look, since Keith has found rosewater for me there; however, they didn't have it either.

I was told so by someone over the phone, and I was reluctant to believe him. So I searched their website and found this recipe.

I am pretty delighted with the results. I reduced the ingredients to 3/4c of sugar and 1tbsp lavender flowers. I didn't bother to google pictures until after making it, so I didn't realize it was okay to still have whole buds floating around; the result is that I nearly pulverized the sugar. At first I thought my handheld blender was smoking; then I realized it was puffs of sugar dust.

It still turned out wonderfully, and is very pretty to look at. Or would be, if I had something other than a tupperware container to store it in.

As if this wasn't enough evidence of My Awesome Life, I have more to offer.

  • Amazon emailed to inform me that my copy of Mockingjay has shipped. (Granted, I didn't have Amazon Prime when I pre-ordered it a few months ago, so it won't get here in two days; but it should still arrive before school starts. Guess how I'll be spending next weekend?)

  • I brewed my first cup of loose leaf Earl Grey tea. I added lavender sugar to it. I don't think I can even attempt to desribe this.

  • Keith burned a DVD of the latest Hercule Poirot episode. (Poirot's a Belgian! A Walloon! We must be related.)

  • Keith also made me dinner--fettuccine with peas, asparagus, pancetta, and lemon.

  • I made an amazing dessert, using, of course, my Amazing Lavender Sugar.
(The image is from Design*Sponge, not me. My own effort was much less picturesque. But still tasty.)

Any one of these things would be more than enough Awesome for one evening; but in all seriousness, my life is one of abundance. Praise God.

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  1. Lavender is my favorite herb, and I've had lavender sugar before. Not homemade though. If there were a lavender perfume formulated just for men, I'd smother myself in it. But alas, all I see are potions for female, not male.