Friday, September 5, 2014

Geese, Pies, and Feast Days (SQT 21)

1. It feels so good to sit at a computer and type using a regular keyboard. My husband finally fixed some internet issues and set me up an account on the working desktop! No more trying to type on a tablet touch screen! (To those whom I've communicated with up til now, I apologize for the typos. Know that even the effort of typing is a sign of my regard for you. ;) )

2. Now for a very important question: has anyone ever bought a goose? I mean, a goose that's plucked and ready to stick in the oven. I am determined to roast one for Michaelmas this year. But I have a feeling it's not something one picks up at the local Giant Eagle. And I can't really imagine a local butcher having geese in stock either. So if you've ever bought a goose for roasting, let me know how you managed to find it please? :)

3. Speaking of feast days, it was this guy's on Wednesday:

We had buttermilk pie (because I had some I needed to use up in the fridge) and he got to taste it after his twin was in bed.

4. Normally I shower during the twins' morning nap. Dominic woke up yesterday before I had the chance, so I brought him downstairs to play with Michael. I took a three minute shower in the upstairs bathroom and when I got out this face was peering through the door at me.

A huge bruise on his forehead and I-have-no-idea above his lip.

Now he's up those stairs ten times a day. Rather than putting up a baby gate I am trying to teach him to come back down the stairs on his own. We'll see ... the gate may yet go up.

5. Gregory's still just sitting there. Sometimes he tries to will himself forward to no avail.

6. Remember our pink dining room? Now it looks like this.

Yes, that's plain old drywall. But it's glorious. The room is already so much brighter--that pink was eating up all the light!

(You'll notice that the outlets are painted pink ... and we also have to remove wallpaper from the plates.)

7. On that note--I'm off to prime some walls while my husband paints the ceiling!

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  1. oh how exciting! the room! brave boy! much love to you all! you are doing so well!

  2. This place might be able to get a goose:

    So are you guys keeping all those outlets in the middle of the wall for now?

  3. Dwight Schrute could kill a goose for you. And probably pluck it and everything too. And you'd save money on expensive goose grease!

    The Office, anyone? Just me?

    I'd go with a baby gate, if I were you - Mary Claire and Elizabeth started climbing stairs around 9 or 10 months and only *just* started climbing down carefully enough that I trust them on their own, and that was around 20 months... Other kids can do it earlier I know, but with twins? Go with a gate!