Monday, February 24, 2014

Pre-Lenten Pondering

Oh geez. I committed myself to Jen's seven posts in seven days challenge. On a week where I'm finishing up an editorial session (which I'm badly behind on), celebrating a family birthday, and visiting more people than average. (Seriously, some weeks I'm home alone the whole time, but somehow this week I'm going out or have someone over almost ever day!) I had this idea it would help me prepare for Lent somehow ...? Something about discipline.

Anyway, this is my largely unedited stream of thought. Not very disciplined, but there you go.

So, Lent. Keith has asked that we give up dessert as a family, so we'll be doing that. But I am still figuring out what I ought to do for myself.

Last Lent I put a lot of effort into organizing my homemaking. I planned meals and kept a close budget while shopping, and stuck to a loose routine in my housekeeping chores. And it was great. (And then I got pregnant and tired and it all sort of fell apart again. :-P) I feel like I need something similar this year--NOT the meal-planning, chore-organizing sort of thing, because I am just not there yet. But something that helps me figure out where my focus needs to be as a wife, mother, and homemaker. That helps my life feel purposeful and a little less scattered and frantic.

I don't mean the busyness that comes naturally from having littles, because that is part of where I'm at; but how to live where I'm at in a way that opens the door to grace and growth in holiness and love of God. I feel that Lent is the ideal time to "make level paths for your feet, so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed." So how can I make living my vocation at this stage in life easier and more fruitful?

I have a couple ideas, but one that's giving me some puzzlement is the idea of harnessing my time in the morning. The reality is that for most of the day I have little control over my day's structure. I try to keep mealtimes and bedtimes in order, but all it takes is one screaming child to throw things off! I have long felt that getting up before my offspring would help me so much, in practical and psychological ways--having that time to pray, read, or just sit with a cup of coffee before the day makes its demands. But there are two problems. First, I wake up every morning in the middle of a baby sandwich. When I move and take my body heat away with me, it's only a matter of time before the babies wake up. Second (and more important?), sleep is still a very precious commodity around here. I truly don't feel lazy in wanting to grab every moment of it I can!

So ... do I just tough it out and get up a half hour or fifteen minutes earlier anyways? Or commit to something lighter like saying a morning offering in bed with a baby sleeping on either side? Anyone have any other ideas...?


  1. hmm...a morning offering is always good.

    Maybe you can commit to some sort of "order of operations" in the mornings, even if things don't happen at a particular time. Like, morning offering *before* getting out of bed. And then shower/dress in real clothes *before* breakfast....or something along those lines?

  2. I like the "order of operations" concept! Schedules make me break out in hives but routines I can handle. Getting up earlier than everyone else definitely helps. Even if I only put my clothes on and say a Morning Offering I've got that much more of an edge than groggily making my way to the crib with a crying toddler.

    And I signed up for 7 posts too, on a week I must finish a quilt and do a heck of a lot of babysitting. You can do it!

  3. I think the idea of doing some prayer before your littles wake, which sounds like the only way for that to be done at this stage is while in bed, given the heat baby sandwich situation :) I think it is wonderful that you are reaching out for what is best and most fruitful! God is merciful and sure to help!

  4. Getting up earlier does not sound worth it if just causes everyone else to wake up earlier too! Which is also always the case in our family unfortunately.