Wednesday, February 5, 2014


You can't really tell from the picture, but Keith's scarf has not progressed very much since my last yarn along post. Maybe ten repeats, max. And I am still reading These Beautiful Bones, which is a great book but not amenable to stop-and-go reading while chasing/nursing young children. So things have been moving slowly.

But that doesn't stop the plans from brewing.

I want to knit a sweater.

A long time ago I bought blue sport weight yarn at Pittsburgh's Handmade Arcade from a local dyer,  Cosy Makes. And then early last year I found the perfect pattern for it. But then I got pregnant and had lots of baby knitting to do and figured it was best to wait until my measurements stopped fluctuating to knit myself a fitted garment anyways.

And then last week I found Tarian.
I am rarely an impulsive pattern buyer, at least not when the patterns cost $7, and not when they are sweaters. (Lace shawls are occasionally another story.) But for some reason I saw this and clicked "buy." And then headed over to Webs online store to buy the yarn. Which arrived in my mailbox last week. So there's that.

And there' the sweater-quantity of beautiful fingering weight yarn in a lovely shade of purple that my parents gave me for my birthday. It's from Autumn House Farm in Punxsutawney, and it is lovely, but I am having a very hard time choosing a pattern to go with it.

Not sure what the upper yarn is, perhaps brushed alpaca?
I have no idea when I'll have time to knit any of them, but there are sweaters brewing.

And books piling up. Quite literally on my bedside table. And I love it, all except for the fact that I can't read them very easily. My arms are almost always full of baby. And while it is much easier to read with one hand than to knit, it is even easier to pick up a Kindle Touch while nursing. So I have been reading a lot of scifi in ebook form lately. (And most of that dystopia. It's an addiction.) Keith and I want to read Diary of a Country Priest together so that we can watch the movie afterwards. We don't usually read the same books, so it should be fun. :)

(A Little Way of Homeschooling belongs to Christine and I've had it for at least six months, so I really need to finish it soon!) 

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  1. The colours for your sweaters-to-be are so pretty! Oh how my girl loved farmer boy when she was little - she read it over and over again, played it in the back garden, would tell me the little stories as if they had happened to a friend of hers :-) Such good books. We loved Mysterious Benedict Society too - really quirky. Hope you get the chance to start your sweater!

  2. lovely yarn! I think your season in life requires a lot of patience... You are doing well... keep it up... sending warmth and love in Christ your way!

  3. Oh, that first one is going to be such a beautiful sweater!!

  4. ha - no rush on getting the book back. It made me angry most of the time I was reading it :-P

  5. knowing what you want to knit is half the battle. Love the yarn and the colors!! So pretty :)