Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Well, Keith's scarf has crept along another few inches, and I am reading a new book. Sand, Smoke, Current is Wiseblood Books' first publication of the year, and I am much enjoying it. Robert Vander Lugt is able to draw the shapes of the stories in ordinary people's lives in a way that is beautiful and meaningful, and that is something I always admire in an author. These stories are quiet but earnest. My favorites so far are the title story and "Love, Double-barreled."

A while back when I shared progress on Keith's scarf I mentioned hiding a mistake I'd made in the cabling that I hid outside the camera frame. That very Sunday I dressed Gregory for Mass in a sweater that Keith's grandma had knit him when he was a baby. My mother-in-law gave us some of Keith's baby clothes when Michael was little(r) but because he was born in the spring it was usually the wrong season for him to wear them when they fit. But now the twins can wear them, and it makes me happy (although Keith finds it kind of embarrassing, I think!). It's so special for them to wear something their great-grandma made.

All pictures of the boys stolen from my Dad's facebook. :)
Anyway. While Gregory was wearing it, I found a mistake in the cabling. Far from being an imperfection, I found that so neat, evidence that this came from the hands of a real person and was made with love. Anyone might have knit a sweater, but Keith's grandma made that mistake. That missed cable is such a direct connection to her as an individual knitter. 

And it made me look at my own knitting differently.

So I won't be pointing out my mistakes to you ... but I won't hide them either. :) Kind of sounds like a life lesson, huh?

(Oh, and that day, Michael was wearing a sweater knit by his grandma.)

(And Dominic wasn't wearing any sweaters, but he was wearing some pretty spiffy overalls and a collared onesie. :) )

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  1. I like this lesson you learned! sending love to you this day! God bless your beautiful boys!! and their parents!!

  2. I can't even think of an item I've knit that doesn't have at least one weird mistake in it. Tom seems to think it's kinda cute and quirky, and he swears that he's glad the things I have knit for him and the kids all have their own little "trademark."

  3. aw I know exactly what you mean about little mistakes showing a project is handmade. Lovely scarf :-)

  4. So, so true! We have a few things my grandmothers knit for me. Unfortunately the sizes/seasons haven't worked out well with Claire or Maggie, but I still made them try them on for pictures :)

  5. Okay I totally need side-by-side pictures of those twins because now they really look identical to me... Tell me it's just the angles!

  6. I bet no one can find the mistakes except you! I know where a few of my mistakes are on some shawls (after blocking!!) they are so obscure that it takes me a while to hunt them down!

  7. Now you must write a short story about how cabling mistakes connect family members through generations. And go. :)

  8. One of my favorite Julia Child quotes is "Never apologize". The idea being that no one sees the mistakes in your own work that you will. But I, too, love little mistakes in knitting. They're little "love marks", yes?