Friday, July 26, 2013

Seven posts, seven takes, etc ...

1. I think this wraps it up for my 7 Posts in 7 Days challenge. I know I'm "cheating" because I started before everyone else, and because (cough) I missed a day and posted twice the following one. But I think it helped me overcome perfectionism and just post, and prove to myself that I can, in fact, blog regularly if I force myself to. (Even if the blogging happens after 11pm most nights.) Yay. :)

2. Have you watched the Lizzie Bennet Diaries? It's a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, the premise being that Elizabeth Bennet keeps a vlog. I had my doubts when I watched the first few episodes, but it's actually really, really good, and I would recommend it to any Austen fans. One of the cool things about it is how it uses social media to create an entire world for the story. So Lydia Bennent and Gigi Darcy both have their own youtube channels (which become vitally important as the story progresses), the characters all have twitter accounts and interact with each other, Jane Bennet has a Pinterest board and Tumblr ... etc. Pemberley, instead of being an estate, is a company, which also has its own website.

Right now the creators are working on another (as yet unrevealed) adaptation, but in the meantime they are wrapping up a mini-series based on Austen's unfinished novel Sanditon. It's not as good as LBD, but I've come to appreciate what they're doing with it, and decided to read the novel so I can understand the adaptation a little better. I also realized they used social media (Twitter, Reddit, etc) much more heavily with this series to further plot and conflict, and I missed out on some of that.

So, watch LBD. But hold off on Sanditon unless LBD is something you really love.

3. Speaking of adaptations, the newest trailer for Catching Fire? AAAAAAAH. I am excited!! It looks really good. I'm debating whether I should reread the books before the movie comes out. The Hunger Games is such an addictive trilogy, and very good dystopia ... but to be honest I was incredibly disappointed in the third book. Katniss's character arc is so disappointing ... it's been a while since I read the books so I won't write about it too much lest I misremember something.

They're also filming The Maze Runner, another YA dystopian novel. Not as excited about this one. It keeps you turning pages and asking questions but it seems to me that that was its main draw. My guess is that the movie will boil down to little more than an action flick.

4. It might be kind of weird that I haven't discovered podcasts before now, but this week I started listening to Craft Lit. I like to put it on when Michael's down for his nap and do a little cleaning or (more often) baby knitting. Right now they're reading Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence, which I am enjoying, and I really appreciate Heather's commentary and insight before each chapter. She makes a great English teacher (which is/was her "real life" job, I believe)! :)

5. My knee seems to be doing better. I went out to run some errands today and aside from some mild cramping in that leg (I think because I've been holding my knee funny to avoid jarring it) everything seems to be okay. Thank goodness!

6. One of my errands was to the library. Oh my goodness. Trips to the library are so good for the soul, especially this library, with its beautiful trees and shaded cobblestones. I will miss that place so much when we move out of the city--in fact, I think I will still go there now and then. I don't get there often enough (as attested by my $15+ fine ... just doing my part to keep the library running!), but I'd like to go at least every other week.

7. Another errand was to the dry cleaners to have Keith's suit cleaned and pressed for his PhD defense next Tuesday. Pray for him please!! It is such a huge day for him! Pray for me this coming week too, if you would, for some personal intentions; I am in sore need of peace and strength. In fact, if you would say a quick prayer to Our Lady Undoer of Knots, I think she is the one to handle my situation. :)

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