Saturday, July 20, 2013

Attention, those who sew!

I have a sewing machine ... and I kind of am afraid to use it.

Well, not afraid exactly, but at a loss as to where to begin.

I was looking at baby blanket patterns today on Ravelry (I have my list narrowed down to six seven ... it's kind of nice that I get to choose two patterns ;)), and was thinking about bedrooms in our new (mystery) house, and it has kicked off some serious nesting. I discovered this awesome Etsy shop and she has some beautiful fat quarter collections that are quite suitable for little boys.

But what on earth do I make with them?

This is where you come in. You, and you alone, can save me from dumping hours of my time into Pinterest. What cute things can I make with fabric like this, or this (baby boy argyle, I am dying!), or this? What baby items have you sewn, and where do you find your patterns? I am thinking more along the lines of nursery items than clothing, although maybe cute pajama-like pants are in order. I also really, really love that Shelly over at Wool and Chocolate sewed tops and knit matching shorties.

The truth is that I am sitting here collecting ideas from the internet and it is making me excited and overambitious. So I may not break out the sewing machine at all. But if so it will not be from lack of planning. ;)

Both of these babies are awake and kicking right now, while the oldest baby takes his nap. I'm hoping this isn't the way it will go once they are all on the outside.


  1. Oh nesting! :) That's when I started to learn how to sew but I always made stuff for girls - I made a quilt from the Woodland Tails fabrics. I am planning on making a tutorial very soon for a awesome foldable diaper changing mat. Baby Shoes are great (I got my patterns from iThinkSew), PJ pants, nursery decoration (like the canvas art I made with the pigeon fabric). Feel good and thanks for mentioning my shop! I would love to see what you make! Hannah @ Sew Adorable Fabrics

  2. Thank you for your comment! A diaper changing mat would be great--I imagine with three bottoms wearing diapers I won't want to have to trudge upstairs to the changing table every time! I will watch for the tutorial. :)